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  1. Charlie Brown

    727 to Tremec TKX 5 Speed in a 64 Dodge

    THINKING of this conversion for a future project. I've read quite a bit about this conversion on FBBO, but most are for 66 - 70 models. I'd like to hear from anyone who has done this on a 62-65 B body and what, if any, are the challenges. Two concerns are trans tunnel mods and shifter location...
  2. Charlie Brown

    exhaust manifold gasket

    If you want a permanent fix, remove manifolds and have them resurfaced and then install without gaskets. Had the same issue with my 413 - tried many types of gaskets without success. Milled the manifolds and they have been leak free for 20k miles.
  3. Charlie Brown

    Floor Pans

    Can anyone tell me if the floor pan from a 64 B Body 4 door HT will transplant into a 63 / 64 - 2 door HT or sedan?
  4. Charlie Brown

    Head Light Bezel - 64 Polara - Black Inserts

    My car is in for paint and I'm polishing all trim and have stripped any paint from the trim. The inserts on the outer headlight bezels were painted gloss black. Not sure if the gloss is correct. Was the factory color gloss, semi - gloss or flat. Or perhaps it's a personal choice. Comments welcome.
  5. Charlie Brown

    Door Panel Arm Rest Repair

    For a 64 Polara. I know they are available, but living north of the 49th parallel, means by the the time they arrive at my door, a pair will cost me at least $200 - $300. At some point I'd like to get a set of re-pops, but for now my "thrifty" me says try to fix what I have if possible.
  6. Charlie Brown

    Door Panel Arm Rest Repair

    Any one ever repair the plastic arm rests on door panels? Part in question is from a 64 Dodge. Where the mounting screws go through the arm rest to secure to the door, the plastic ribbing is cracked. Is this fixable? Plastic welding comes to mind, but not sure.
  7. Charlie Brown

    Borgenson vs. Lares 11043

    Open your wallet and buy the complete kit from Bergman. After the unit is installed in your car, you'll say to yourself, man was that ever a good decision. So happy I did this. You can always wait a while to save up the extra cash you spent upfront on this box to add "eye candy" to your car...
  8. Charlie Brown

    1964 Polara Trim Paint

    On the upper stainless side trim on the 64 Polara, the 3/4 inch indented part of the trim is painted black. (On my car anyway). Can anyone tell me if this black should be gloss, semi gloss or matt.
  9. Charlie Brown

    WTB Offenhauser dual quad manifold

    Found this link on KIJIJI - It's in Montreal, Canada, about 1 1/2 hours from where I live. Price is probably not firm. I'm thinking he will take less
  10. Charlie Brown

    Getting close to semi retirement .

    I've been retired (carpenter) for about 15 years. I'm going to have to live until 200, or clone me to do all the stuff I want to do and get all my projects done - and I know that will never happen. Playing with cars, woodworking, gardening, hunting, fishing and spending time with my new (and...
  11. Charlie Brown

    1964 Polara Trunk Mat

    Dave, So if I have this correct, my car is an American built convertible Polara, so I need to order a mat specifically for a convertible? I'm assuming that the mat specific to convertibles would have a slit for the spare tire mount in a different place than sedans / hardtops. Thanks.
  12. Charlie Brown

    1964 Polara Trunk Mat

    Looking to order a trunk mat for my 64 Polara Convert. Some companies list only a mat for all B bodies 63-65 - all models. Some companies offer mat specific either for converts, 4 and 2 Dr. models as well as Dodge and Plymouth being different. Does anyone have any definitive info on this? Is a...
  13. Charlie Brown

    1964 Fury non AC heater control valve. HELP!!

    I rebuilt the valve in my 62 300 the same way except I used Aluminum or steel pop rivets after removing the shaft / pin from the rivet. You will have a flange on the rivet body to work with.
  14. Charlie Brown

    1964 Polara Door Panels - Vinyl Painting

    I recently changed the door panel cards on my 64 Polara - learning curve but they turned out better than the 60 year old units. Not perfect but acceptable for me. New re-pops are about $850 US which equals about $1300 Canadian by the time they reach my door. The bottom of the vinyl has old paint...
  15. Charlie Brown

    Diesel Shortage Update as Prices Skyrocket Over Fears Supply Could Run Out

    Well, I'd say our American friends have a sweet deal on Diesel - where I live near Ottawa - Canada's capital city, our diesel averages $2.25 a LITRE - that's $9.00 a gallon - and our dollar compared to the greenback is worth 30% less. You don't want to know how much it costs to heat my home with...
  16. Charlie Brown

    Issues with Firm Feel

    I bought the same rear sway bar. Also had the same delays in shipping. They do have install instructions, but you have to ask for them - that's weird. An extra piece of paper in the packaging is not a great cost. The biggest beef I had with FF is their web site. It clearly states the following -...
  17. Charlie Brown

    B body " Add-A- Leaf" spring kit ?

    The add a leaf pictured would be the shortest leaf in the stacked pack - so it would only go on the bottom of the leaf stack.
  18. Charlie Brown

    B body " Add-A- Leaf" spring kit ?

    This add a leaf helper springs were installed at the bottom of the spring pack - i.e. - closest to the ground. The ones on my car had replaced the OEM "short" leaf.
  19. Charlie Brown

    B body " Add-A- Leaf" spring kit ?

    I took out a set of helper springs from my 64 Polara. Dropped the back end close to 1 3/4 inches. They're cheap and summit lists them under item #13120-1
  20. Charlie Brown

    Steering gear question

    My car was already a p/s car, therefore, no column mods.