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  1. Mick56

    Manifold Question: What will I lose?

    Gasket leaks. Also, I've never seen a burnt out manifold, but have seen many headers with holes in them
  2. Mick56

    Manifold Question: What will I lose?

    Cast iron is a lot less maintenance than headers. You could check for any casting flash inside the ports before you install them. File or die grind if neccessary.
  3. Mick56

    I have never seen this in my life unreal!!!

    I know that original used parts are hard to find, but I would rather have an original used part, than a new cheapo part.
  4. Mick56

    69 Charger Stalls

    You could extend the bowl vent on top of the carb, just cut a piece of fuel line that fits snug on the tubing. Fuel can slosh out of there, too. Also, there are fuel bowl vent baffles available for Holley carbs for that problem.
  5. Mick56

    Single plane Manifold.

    If you have a heat riser, is it working ok? How hot does the engine get while running? When cold, the engine will run richer with the choke on. Maybe it's getting too lean when warm.
  6. Mick56

    Brand new car!Question about engine

    I'd hook the hoses up to the heater core and see what happens. If the core is leaking, I would replace it. You may need heat one day.
  7. Mick56

    Calculation for Valve to Piston clearance

    You can use modeling clay to get a measurement
  8. Mick56

    Am I screwed? Loud knocking

    A way that I have found exhaust leaks is to squirt some diesel into an engine at fast idle. It will make a ton of smoke, and should show where any leaks are.
  9. Mick56

    what gas is better

    This site lists many stations with non ethanol gas. - ethanol-free gasoline in the U.S. and Canada
  10. Mick56

    1972 440 valley tray insulation

    I had a '66 Sport Fury that had a 383 two barrel. When I pulled the intake to put on a four barrel, there was a dirty, oily, messy tinfoil pack under there. I didn't know what it was, and just threw it away.
  11. Mick56

    Small block engine issue HELP (408 stroker) headgasket? Broken rings ? Intake gasket? Or???

    Where the pcv hose was connected did not have anything to do with your problem.
  12. Mick56

    Small block engine issue HELP (408 stroker) headgasket? Broken rings ? Intake gasket? Or???

    Does the port on the front of the carb have full engine vacuum? If so, there is no difference where the hose was connected, the manifold port and the carb port both see full vacuum.
  13. Mick56

    Need info on this transmission

    With the yoke on the rear of the trans, it will require a two piece driveshaft, with a slip joint in between.
  14. Mick56

    BB Satellite won't restart after driving-Please help

    Do you have the insulation pack that came stock between the intake and the valley pan? That would also help keep heat off the carb.
  15. Mick56

    BB Satellite won't restart after driving-Please help

    Any weak connections will have higher resistance when hot. Clean the battery cables, and where they bolt to the starter and the block.
  16. Mick56

    Angry lifters after hard thrashing

    It would be nice to get the engine temp down to around 180.
  17. Mick56

    Angry lifters after hard thrashing

    How hot is your motor running during the autocross? If you can keep the motor cooler, it would help keep the oil thicker.
  18. Mick56

    Max Wedge INtake Torque Settings

    Chrysler "Wedge" (B & RB Series) Torque Specs The following specs apply to these Chrysler Big Block engines: B Series, 350 c.i.d. 361 c.i.d. 383 c.i.d. 400 c.i.d. RB Series, 383 c.i.d. 413 c.i.d. 426 Wedge 440 c.i.d. Fastner Type Torque Specs Main Cap Bolts 85 ft.-lbs. Connecting Rod...
  19. Mick56

    Kroil piston soak odd results

    If it had been running rich for a while after the rebuild, the extra gas could have ruined the rings or cylinders