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  1. 70chall440

    71 Charger Superbee Tribute/Restomod Build

    I recently purchased a plasma table and have been doing some studying on Fusion 360 while I wait for all the parts to come in. Also, I ordered a new stereo/entertainment unit for my 14 Ram 2500. The factory U connect (POS) died on the Nav side and since you cannot do car play with those I...
  2. 70chall440

    71 Charger Superbee Tribute/Restomod Build

    I don't have much to report because life and a degree of procrastination have impeded my progress. I did get the tank end transition part done and mounted (after modifying it some because I didn't like the way it came out the first time.
  3. 70chall440

    SSmoothie-1968 Charger

    Very pretty.. Is that an 8 3/4 I see???
  4. 70chall440

    Who builds custom radiators for Mopars?

    Google is your friend Gen III Hemi Cooling
  5. 70chall440

    1971 vs 1972 Strobe Stripes: Is it just me?

    Doesn't bother me at all... :lol:
  6. 70chall440

    71 Charger Superbee Tribute/Restomod Build

    I am still chipping away at the fuel system
  7. 70chall440

    73 Plymouth Satellite 8 3/4 rear proportioning valve, changing rear drum brakes to disc brakes

    This is what you need Proportioning and Combination Valve, AC Delco 172-1353 and 172-1361 Type
  8. 70chall440

    Lets discuss headlights

    Even modern cars with LED headlights typically use relays (I cannot speak for all brands or models).
  9. 70chall440

    SSmoothie-1968 Charger

    Pretty high speed!!
  10. 70chall440

    71 Charger Superbee Tribute/Restomod Build

    The 2 tubes going through the cross member will be removable in case anyone was wondering.
  11. 70chall440

    71 Charger Superbee Tribute/Restomod Build

    I've been working on some transition pieces to go from the hard line to flexible lines, I have 2 points which I want to do this. I am going to put one in front of the tank and another one in the T bar crossmember. I am using 1/2" SS pipe and some SS -6AN weld on fittings. Don't focus on the...
  12. 70chall440

    Here is a case where he should have stopped at the front end...

    As has been said already, I am all for creativity, personal tastes, etc. however since we are voicing opinions I would say that the work in and of itself doesn't look horrible however pictures never tell the whole truth. As to the choice of front and back ends go, I do agree that the front looks...
  13. 70chall440

    Mopar hemi controller advice?

    It is not nearly as complicated as it seems, take it one step at a time. Focus on one aspect, research it and arrive at a path, then move on. I understand not wanting to buy parts several times but with a big build its going to happen to some degree. You do all of your research and then make...
  14. 70chall440

    SSmoothie-1968 Charger

    Are you going to leave this as a printed part? If so what material are you using?
  15. 70chall440

    71 Charger Superbee Tribute/Restomod Build

    The guy I got the car from installed a take out trunk floor from another car and as you can see they just overlapped the old with the new, however I am probably going to try and fight my OCD and just leave it although I don't really like it.
  16. 70chall440

    71 Charger Superbee Tribute/Restomod Build

    Well today I installed the sending unit and pump and then mounted it into the car to see if the access panel is going to work (it will).
  17. 70chall440

    Tach with G3 hemi?

    I am surprised no one answered. I didn't because I am not 100% of the information, however stock tach's work off a coil signal which the modern engines I do not believe provide at least in the same manner as the tach was designed for. Therefore you need an adapter like one from MSD I think...
  18. 70chall440

    71 Charger Superbee Tribute/Restomod Build

    I was able to get the tank welded up finally, what a challenge that was. I still need to pressure test it but I am not real concerned about it.
  19. 70chall440

    71 Charger Superbee Tribute/Restomod Build

    Thanks fine, the more the merrier...
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    Bottom of page being blocked from view/access

    LOL well I have tried that and it does not seem to have any effect. It didn't do this when the website was initially changed and I have it on the other sites as well (FABO and FEBO)