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  1. RT6PK

    Has anyone been getting their orders from Legendary?

    They told me 8 months for my Belvedere seat covers. Hopefully I'll see them in April.
  2. RT6PK

    SOLD 66/67 interior door handles

    I'll take them.
  3. RT6PK

    Do old tires have any value?

    I would not use them. I had 3 BF Goodrich Radial TAs come apart. They did not show any dry rot or cracking.
  4. RT6PK

    Has the car market gone to far? Or have I lost perspective

    Remind me of an 85 Shelby Charger turbo that I had. I remember the car was easy to work on. Which was good, because it always needed worked on.
  5. RT6PK

    Facebook jail

    Not sure what that means...... but OK
  6. RT6PK

    Facebook jail

    I joined Facebook only for the marketplace. About two weeks later I got restricted on Marketplace to where I cannot buy or sell. I have no idea why. I did not have any violations. I tried to request a review, but that link does not work for me for whatever reason.
  7. RT6PK

    Tires Are Not What they Once Were.

    I had three out of the four BFGs come apart on me also. They were about seven years old. Tread was still excellent. Since then I've gone with Mickey Thompsons and never had an issue.
  8. RT6PK

    Classic Car Stereos

    I went with the Retrosound Redondo in my '67 Belvedere. I added two 6x9's in the back, a dual cone unit in the factory dash location, (it is actually 2 speakers in one frame), and a subwoofer under the seat. I love the Retrosound for a few reasons. It takes the factory knobs and bezel. There are...
  9. RT6PK

    15 year old boy driving my Daytona

    That's awesome. My son is getting his permit in November. And then his driver's license the following May. I'll be teaching him to drive stick shift on my 99 Viper since it is the only stick shift vehicle I own at this point. I reminded him how lucky he is. I told him that I learned how to drive...
  10. RT6PK

    How Toyota Dethroned GM as the Number One Automaker in the United States

    I have owned, or worked on countless cars from GM, Mopar, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda, Volkswagen, and Kia. I have had infinitely better luck with Japanese and Korean cars over American cars. Although American car quality has improved since the "late 70's to early 90's", (they really...
  11. RT6PK

    Insurance Questions -

    I have had Hagerty for many years. They are not the cheapest. I have shopped around for better rates a few times. One thing to be aware of is that some classic insurers put restrictions on your use of your cars. For example, one company told me that I had to agree to keep my car in a locked...
  12. RT6PK

    1967 Satellite radio removal

    I think I got mine from They were a little bit cheaper than Classic Industries and Retro Manufacturing. I have two 6x9's in the back, a dual cone speaker in the factory dash location, (it is actually 2 speakers in one frame to mount in the factory location), and a subwoofer...
  13. RT6PK

    1967 Satellite radio removal

    I have a '67 Belvedere with factory air. It will be easiest if you remove the AC duct that goes between the heater box and the center dash vent. If you remove the glove compartment liner, you can gain access through the glove compartment opening to remove that piece of ductwork. Also, replacing...
  14. RT6PK

    Without saying your age, post a picture of something a young person wouldn’t understand

    Hell, forget young people. I know guys my own age that don't understand one of these.
  15. RT6PK

    Ohio Turnpike Snowplow Incident

    The focker has union protection. That means he will be back on the job with a slap on the wrist..... and he will get all of his back pay.
  16. RT6PK

    Mopar chick magnet

    LOL, My first car was a raggedy *** primered 67 Belvidere, but it had a 383 in it and it ran pretty good. At the same time a good friend had a 79 Trans Am with some 301Olds engine in it that couldn't get out of its own way. He used to tease me how his car was so much better looking than mine. My...
  17. RT6PK

    Numbers matching 440 bare block ?

    I was in a similar situation years ago. A guy had the numbers matching block for my 1 of 97 '70 Coronet R/T Six Pack 4 speed car. I thought the guy was a complete ******** for wanting $2,000.00... for a bare block with main caps, nothing else. I ended up paying $1,500.... and I still think the...
  18. RT6PK

    car show gripes

    I'm not complaining about entry fees, lack of shade, early hours etc.; because as a consumer I can choose to attend or not attend. If it were not for guys willing to organize and promote shows, then us car guys would have a lot less events to attend. My biggest pet peeve is these guys who show...
  19. RT6PK

    Any feedback on Mabbco or Tri-Star Crate Engines?

    I am looking for an inexpensive way to upgrade the 318 in my '67 Belvedere. I am considering going with a 360 crate motor. I found two builders online. Does anyone have any experience with either MABBCO, (they have an Ebay store) or TRI STAR ENGINES? I kind of want to stay away from the Magnum...
  20. RT6PK

    Removing dash speaker

    The previous owner of my '67 Plymouth had an aftermarket unit in the glove box. I hated it because you had to reach across the car to turn it on and off and even to change the volume. I removed it and went with the aforementioned dual cone speaker in the factory front location, two 6 x 9's out...