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  1. hemi446

    Color Confusion

    I know of a Black on Black 440 automatic with a red Daytona stripe. It was at Carlisle for years but I haven't seen it in the last 4-5 years. I always wanted to trade the guy for my Hemi Barracuda. He wasn't having that.
  2. hemi446


    I have a new 70 Road Runner tail panel that was shipped to me damaged. I can't return it so I'm selling it and waiting for another one from a different vendor. They are on back order at AMD for now but I'm on the list. So my loss is your gain asking 300.00 for it and I can deliver to Carlisle on...
  3. hemi446

    2022 Carlisle thread

    I’ll be there but only taking one car. Again fuel cost. I already signed up & put FBBO on for the tent project
  4. hemi446

    Grandpa finally met the kitty cat

    Yes but will Fiat still be make parts for them in 15 years and will the aftermarket pickup the slack on parts ? I do like the HC's my son has a 17 and It is a blast to drive. but he also has the same 67 Barracuda he drove in high school. Only now instead of a 273 4bbl it has a 426 small block...
  5. hemi446

    Grandpa finally met the kitty cat

    Slug is subjective. Look at the years, miles and smiles you get from your early Charger. Next do you think for a minute that if you drove the new Charger the way people drove there muscle cars it would be around 50 years from now. I don't think so. And last but not least anyone can walk into...
  6. hemi446

    SOLD N.O.S.1968/70 Map and Courtesy Lamp

    I tried to PM you but your box is full please PM me. Thank Bobby
  7. hemi446

    Japan Direct Motors, Irmo, SC.

    All of the vehicle sold in Japan are right hand drive. That makes is really easy for them to have vehicles in stock.
  8. hemi446

    Mason Dixon Hagerstown Md

    I’ll be there. Hopefully the rain will hold off
  9. hemi446

    Hitting the brakes and the engine revs.

    Another problem could be it looks like it is from a 1980s Chevy Van. We all know nothing on a Chevy works right after just a couple of years. Just putting it out there I could be wrong.
  10. hemi446

    Thats a lot of beenies for a car

    It's a great story and if it's true hopefully the new owner or owners put it on display for everyone who loves automotive history to have a chance to see it.
  11. hemi446

    Murphy decided to pay me a visit this afternoon...

    Murphy sucks for sure but if this is the only time he visits you that means some else is really screwed
  12. hemi446

    Mason Dixon Show postponed until May 15

    Mason Dixon postponed the Mopar show until May 15th because of rain. It looks like it is going to be bad starting around 11:00am and for the rest of the day.
  13. hemi446

    Mason Dixon Hagerstown Md

    Mason Dixon show is postponed until May 15 because of rain
  14. hemi446

    So I picked up a side project... Whew what a doozy..

    Most of the time. The first problem is they couldn't build it even if the machine work was done correctly and everything fit together the first time. Since they can't build it and they have no fricking idea whats missing or were to find it. So now you get to be parts counter guy, machinist...
  15. hemi446

    SOLD 68-70 B Body Vinyl Top Trim

    Pm sent
  16. hemi446

    more poop than paint

    Got to start somewhere. Wiring looks like it won the lottery