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  1. 1963JAM

    Leaking 727B transmission

    What is the torque spec on that style gasket? Do the original trans pan bolts work or go longer, and how much longer?
  2. 1963JAM

    Quarter window regulator repair.

    Good morning brothers and sisters. Has anyone tried making one good window regulator out of two not so good regulators? What I have is a rear quarter regulator for a 66 Satellite convertible, which is unique and difficult to find. The gear and teeth in the top pictured reg are in good shape...
  3. 1963JAM

    The 15 Greatest Movie Car Chases

    Has to be the only chase on wood.
  4. 1963JAM

    The 15 Greatest Movie Car Chases

    Pantera corners better than the Vette.
  5. 1963JAM

    New to this Forum in Southeast PA

    Welcome to your best source for Mopar. Looks like a beautiful canvas to start with.
  6. 1963JAM

    440 oil pressure light on with Valvoline VR-1 20w50.

    Does this ZR1 have the zddp needed for the flat tappet engines?
  7. 1963JAM

    Things you would like to say to the PO

    Why 3” exhaust? And you had to lean it on the torsion bar?
  8. 1963JAM

    WTB 66 window regulator

    FOUND. The correct quarter window regulator for my 66 Satellite. The regulator for the convertible has a smaller gear teeth fan and shorter window crank to pivot length. Thanks go out to fellow FBBO brother Fran Blacker for having the extra 66 Satellite convertible parts I was seeking.
  9. 1963JAM

    How to get leverage on this shallow bolt head?

    I can't say enough good things about continously soaking thread and bolt head with PB Blaster.
  10. 1963JAM

    New member- DFW TX-67 Charger

    Coke! No Pepsi!
  11. 1963JAM

    New member from Washington

    Welcome from Massachusetts
  12. 1963JAM

    New member- DFW TX-67 Charger

    Welcome. Beautiful Charger. How sure are you it’s vapor lock? May want to think about the MSD or ignition control module.
  13. 1963JAM

    Leaking 727B transmission

    No hoist. On my back with car on ramps.
  14. 1963JAM

    Leaking 727B transmission

    Thank you for the help, but tranny is staying in the car. I’ll clean up the exterior pin area outside case and glop on the RTV to plug it up. Thank you Doug. John
  15. 1963JAM

    FOR SALE (Nj) Parting 66 coronet 500

    Scratch that request. Have just learned in my quest for the window regulator, seems there are 3 different rear quarter window regulators For B bodies. Charger, except Charger, convertible coupe. Thanks
  16. 1963JAM

    FOR SALE 66/67 convertible trim

    Would you have the left rear quarter window regulator?
  17. 1963JAM

    Leaking 727B transmission

    To remove the pivot pin, looks like the tail shaft housing has to come off?
  18. 1963JAM

    Leaking 727B transmission

    Where's the O ring? Does the shaft have to come out of the case? Looking through 66 service manual and don't see what I'm looking for.
  19. 1963JAM

    Leaking 727B transmission

    I’m dropping the pan to replace the crushed cork gasket. I that PRC permanent? What did you use for the pan gasket?