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    The Meme not a Meme Thread Part DEUX

    Just so I'm subscribed,
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    The Future Hydrogen Economy

    Possible Solution:
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    UTG Is this youtube channel for real or just supposed to be funny?

    YYYyyyyeeeaaaahh..... long story with a lot of history. Ole Uncle Tony has been caught numerous times at stunts like the one you pointed out. God forbid if anybody thinks he's more than entertainment!!
  4. mpgmike

    Any Jeep folks here?

    Nice acquisition. We have a '95 ZJ, been a daily driver for 16 years (my record). The early 6-speeds had issues. You might try finding one out of a 2004-6 or so.
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    The not a meme meme thread

    Spoken like a happily married man.
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    Issues with Firm Feel

    I would like to speak from the perspective of someone that has experience as a buyer, and also as a vendor. Of course, we all have experience as a buyer(!). As a seller, I found that I could deliver the goods 1000X and get great reviews, but that one guy I couldn't service properly put me in...
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    Which oil? Mineral vs Synthetic

    It has been a few years since I did my extensive research on engine oils and additives. But here is my take on it, if anybody cares: The Line on Lubricants | Ecoceptor
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    My GY8 '71 Road Runner

    Nice work on the odd shaped lock hole.
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    Jegs, the Famous Auto Parts Catalog Company, Sold to Private Equity Firm

    I'm now done with Jegs forever! I ordered 2 packages of MSD 90* ignition wire boots. Holley (owns MSD) shipped one (shipped directly from vendor). Tried to find my order on the Jegs web site, came back order not found (even though I copy/pasted the number from the Jegs email). Got on the...
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    Dodge Rampage

    There are various ways to make them unique.
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    Gobeckli Tepe update..

    The one inconsistency with the early hunter-gatherer-turned-domesticated is that they were still using rudimentary grinding stones for their bread, yet had the ability to form the large standing stones, AND carve them intricately! This is the stage where they were painting on the walls with...
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    74 Charger Rallye 440 TX9

    Stash is "aged to perfection".
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    FOR SALE 1989 Dodge Shelby Daytona $1500

    Considering the Forum, yes you are right. I was referencing the FWD era.
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    FOR SALE 1985 Daytona Turbo $2000

    This is not the C/S or Turbo Z, but the Base Daytona with a Turbo. It is one of 9509 such cars. It is Desert Bronze Pearl, a unique color. It is the only color that came with the lower striping kit. The engine was shot when I got it, but it has a low-mileage ’86 GLH engine in it. I did...
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    FOR SALE 1989 Dodge Shelby Daytona $1500

    I have been limited to 10 pics, so here are more...
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    FOR SALE 1989 Dodge Shelby Daytona $1500

    This car is rare and unique, considered to be one of the 2 most desirable Daytonas ever made (the other being the IROC R/T with the Lotus Engine package): 4741 Shelby Daytonas 4699 with AC 3444 with 5-speed 1953 with T-Tops 1231 with Leather Seats 1805 with 12-Button Navigator 258 painted...
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    My 1978 Dodge Monaco 4 door sedan.

    That white connector is disconnected at the factory when the vehicle rolls off the assembly line and gets parked. When the transporter comes to take it to a dealership, he must plug it back in to start & drive it. It keeps things like the clock from draining the battery when the car sits for...
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    My 1978 Dodge Monaco 4 door sedan.

    I have an Edlebrock SP2P 4-bbl intake that was designed specifically for 273 & 318 small port engines. I have to move soon and am about to clear out stuff. If interested, I'm finally willing to part with it (it's as rare as chicken's teeth). PM if interested.