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  1. hotroddinwillie

    SOLD Set of Original BB Valve Covers 383 440

    I've seen those tubes leak oil. Someone fixed the leak long ago.
  2. hotroddinwillie

    The Official Rear Main Seal replacement thread

    Hi Guys, I have experienced many of the trials and tribulations all of you have experienced with our beloved b/rb engines. I've had a few leakers for sure. I forget which issue of Mopar Action I read that offered a suggestion I have used two times with success. Chuck Senatore from Muscle Motors...
  3. hotroddinwillie

    SOLD Parting 66 Coronet 500 and 67 Coronet 500 Convertible

    Joe, I need that wiper motor if not sold already Bill
  4. hotroddinwillie

    mopar 516 heads

    John, In my experience with those 516s, visually I've seen no difference between the ports of the later cylinder heads. I've read they don't flow as well but I haven't seen flow bench data to back it up. The exhaust valve is small. A 1.74 can be accommodated. The chambers are nice and small so a...
  5. hotroddinwillie

    What would you do in my situation?

    Yeah time for your dad to lawyer up and for you to put in applications with Burlington Northern, union Pacific or any short line railroad that will hire you.
  6. hotroddinwillie

    sure grip question

    Yes the differentials are 100% interchangable from one case to another. 741,742&489 all swap.
  7. hotroddinwillie

    Hi everybody

    Thank you all for the greetings and salutations!
  8. hotroddinwillie

    sure grip question

    Both sure grip types; Spicer power lock and the Borg Warner spin resistant, interchange in all three cases 741,742 and 489. I've had a change of heart for the maligned 741. Even though its pinion pales in comparison to its bigger brothers, its still bigger than a Ford nine inch! Oh and the...
  9. hotroddinwillie

    Manual valvebody and shifter

    That shifter will work. I prefer the Turbo Action Cheetah shifter and ratchet shifter such as yours willl suffice.
  10. hotroddinwillie

    which side of ballast resistor does the double wires go

    Electrically it will function fine connected on either side.
  11. hotroddinwillie

    727 issue - Moves forward in all gears

    Double check the band adjustment. I've seen bands adjusted too tight.
  12. hotroddinwillie

    Hi everybody

    Soon to be owner of a 68 Roadrunner here. No stranger to the B body world or and Chrysler corp platform for that matter. First time poster to this site after years of lurking. Bill Gleason