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  1. lemondana

    How Wide Is Your Tire/Wheel Combo On The 69 Cornet Sedan?

    I have 275/60-15 on 15X10 wheels with the 5 something inch backspace. Fit great.
  2. lemondana

    Brake boosters

    My pick would be one of the truck dual diaphragm boosters. These were used originally only on 440 powered trucks for valve cover clearance. The small block and 400 powered trucks used the larger single diaphragm booster. Like you said, the reservoirs were reversed. And 2 bolt mounting.
  3. lemondana

    V-Belt Sizing

    What model car and what year?
  4. lemondana

    Powder coating cop car wheels

    WOW! The last set I had done was like 25.00 a wheel, but that was quite a few years ago.
  5. lemondana

    Does this torque chain look ok???

    That chain is plenty stout! A few years ago, this shop on TV in the UK was doing restorations on WW2 tanks. They were lifting the turret off with a long chain about half that size. Leave a little slack like you had it, and you will be fine. It's doubtful that chain will stretch. Look up and...
  6. lemondana

    Info on Brake Booster NOS kit #3579281

    I looked in the 69, 70-71, 73, and 74. Doesn't show up anywhere. Could you post some pictures? I might be interested in it.
  7. lemondana

    Gas tank pad

    I need to install a new gas tank on my 67 Coronet. What kind of pad is best, correct, or fits the best. Detroit Muscle has 3 or 4 different ones. Which one? Thanks.
  8. lemondana

    440 ILDING AFTER 42 YEARS! Engine Troubleshooting

    I sure hope all of this wasn't happening on a new cam break-in?
  9. lemondana

    What was the first model year for a Sport Satellite?

    1966 I had a friend that had a 1966 Sport Satellite. I still have the rear seat insert-nameplate somewhere.
  10. lemondana

    67 Coronet gas tank

    I need a new gas tank. Is any brand better than the other, or do they all come from the same place? Ditto on the fuel sending unit. Thanks in advance!
  11. lemondana

    66-67 B Body fuel fill hose size

    Also need the id size of the 2 smaller hose elbows. Thanks
  12. lemondana

    66-67 B Body fuel fill hose size

    Anybody know the size of the 90 degree hose elbow on the fuel fill to tank hose size? Thanks
  13. lemondana

    FOR SALE NOS 1966-71 Hemi Champion N-10Y Spark Plugs Set of 8

    They are also correct for the 4 barrel 273 Commando.
  14. lemondana

    Upper radiator hose 318 poly

    The 60666 is for Non AC cars. It was used on the 65 C Bodies and the 67-69 A Body without AC, and specified for your car. If you don't have AC get a newer straight up neck and it should fit.
  15. lemondana

    Upper radiator hose 318 poly

    My old Goodyear application book calls for a 60666. Goodyear is now Continental. I know this hose needs the short straight thermostat housing, (later) If your radiator is original this should be correct. If you look your car up on Rockauto, it does not show up. You have to do the Part...
  16. lemondana

    anyone in Phoenix, Surprise AZ that knows this car?

    My 69 Coronet R/T has the Rallye dash.
  17. lemondana


    I'll take it if I'm first up. PM already sent.
  18. lemondana

    Speedometer Question on GTX

    From Galen's little white book. 69 A<B<C bodies 383-4 and 440. I know in 69 that 383 and 440 used different trans. I'll look in my 69 part manual tonite, I'm just walking out the door to work right now.
  19. lemondana

    Speedometer Question on GTX

    True-but most of the time when transmissions got changed, the speedo gears did not. An example story-I had a buddy years ago, that had a nice 71 GTX. He was hard on cars, he was moving to Springfield MO from Lincoln NE. His transmission went out in Springfield and didn't have time for the trans...