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  1. hyde-park

    Split bench seat

    You are very welcome.
  2. hyde-park

    Split bench seat

    Yes it will. I put an e-body one my 1975 late b-body. Didn't have to drill any new holes in the floor either
  3. hyde-park

    WTB 71+ bucket seat bottom frame

    I have a complete passenger side bucket seat bottom from a 1975 b-body if that will work for you. I can PM pics if interested.
  4. hyde-park

    FOUND 71+ Buddy Seat

    Check your PM's please.
  5. hyde-park

    My old hometown goes nuts on Halloween.

    Neewollah was featured predominantly in the 1955 movie "Picnic" starring William Holden and Kim Novak.
  6. hyde-park

    Car Show Postponed?

    Seen a post on Facebook where the Megameet (9-10-22) in Papillion Nebraska is to be postponed until next month due to the 80% of storms. Can anyone comfirm this? While the weather forcast for that area does indeed say that, the next day is supposed to be perfect. I really want to attend this...
  7. hyde-park

    HIPO Mopar Megameet

    I seen a post on Facebook that this event is being postponed due to the forecast of 80% of rain. Is this true?
  8. hyde-park

    2 1967 Mexican Spec Coronets - Very Special Cars

    They apparently use AC Delco alternators south of the border.
  9. hyde-park

    971 oil pan substitute?

    Sorry I haven't replaced it yet.
  10. hyde-park

    Who Rebuilds AC Compressors?

    I've found this Chrysler tech video highly informative...
  11. hyde-park

    Are you up to speed the Slab car culture?

    Bunch of hood rat lemmings. I looked up lemmings and some of the info applies I think, lol.
  12. hyde-park

    Unbelievable car collection hidden in the forest!

    I will never pay an admission fee, or a fee to take pics at any junkyard. Bottom line if none of it is available to the average smuck like me to purchase for parts, the whole lot can be crushed or continue to rust into oblivion for all I care. My interest in junkyards is purely as a parts...
  13. hyde-park

    Unbelievable car collection hidden in the forest!

    So old car city, the junkyard, is a tourist attraction that doesn't sell cars or parts? At least thats the impression I got from their website.
  14. hyde-park

    Let's See Your Late B-Body

    Homemade a/c delete pulley setup on the blue '77 Cordoba on post #51?
  15. hyde-park

    Changes in Boys' Names over the Decades

    I'd say with almost 100% certainty that after 1945 no one named their child Adolf.
  16. hyde-park

    When Do You Wake UP?

    My place of employment has cameras all over in and outside of the building. The boss if he chooses, could in theory, see me get mugged on his smart phone while I was going to or from work.
  17. hyde-park

    When Do You Wake UP?

    I live right across the street from where I work. Time wise: Shower the night before, no shaving required (I have a beard, minimal trimming as needed), and never have eaten breakfast. Not a planned situation just a fluke. I've lived here 10 years, been working there 4 years now. Gas prices...
  18. hyde-park

    When Do You Wake UP?

    In bed by 10:00PM, up 4:30AM every morning M-F. Work hours are 5:00AM - 3:00PM. If my body lets me I sleep in on the weekends anywhere from 7:00AM - 9:00AM. Melatonin and Z-Quill are a big help here every night. That and a shut bedroom door and a blacked out window. Oh and earplugs as I have the...
  19. hyde-park

    The first "Hawk-Rod" resurrection, Roadkill style

    Id say temporarily remove the gear vendors overdrive and put the original tail shaft housing and original driveshaft back in. That is of course if you still have those items.