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  1. 4speed68rt

    Antenna removal

    That, I don't know. I just put in a regular one. Someone else might know.
  2. 4speed68rt

    Antenna removal

    Between the door and body, between the hinges.
  3. 4speed68rt

    Engine build suggestions

    You should be able to get 450 HP out of that combo, or close to it, even with the 906s.
  4. 4speed68rt

    Rocker Panel Mount Clip R&R

    Now you know why you got on to this forum... Lots of knowledge on here.
  5. 4speed68rt

    Looking for info on my 69 charger

    Welcome to Mopar land. I think we all would like to know the history of our cars. I know that I would. I wonder if the NM motor vehicle division would have records of the past. Good luck, and keep us posted.
  6. 4speed68rt

    Looking for info on my 69 charger

    NM is a big place. What is the town or city? What is the original color?
  7. 4speed68rt

    Timing chain shot?

    Throw a new chain on it. You already got the hard part done.
  8. 4speed68rt

    Looking for info on my 69 charger

    You don't give us much to go on. Show some pictures of what it looked like when it was in NM. Can't see much in that little avatar pic.
  9. 4speed68rt

    Coronet R/T Roof skin install question

    Maybe show us some pictures of what you are asking about and what it looks like now.
  10. 4speed68rt

    Wiper Blade Refills

    Trico classic from O'Reilly. Just slip the blade out of the new ones and into your originals. That's what I did on my 68. Might be the same for you.
  11. 4speed68rt

    1967 GTX 4spd how many remain

    Its kind of like "bench racing" for classic cars, instead of guessing how much horsepower your car makes, you are guessing how many cars remain, based on a few facts and a few wild ideas. No way to prove either one, but it gives you an idea, and something to BS about.
  12. 4speed68rt

    1967 GTX 4spd how many remain

    Like I always say about the 68 RTs, "They only built about 10,000 of them and about 4000 were 4 speeds, and that was over 50 years ago, so..." Let the other person do the imaginary math in there head...Then if you have to, like Hawkrod said, say how many Roadrunners were built. That establishes...
  13. 4speed68rt

    Is this an original Mopar green?

    LL1 Medium dark turquoise metallic. I just wanted to show off my car, but it might be the same color.
  14. 4speed68rt

    WTB AMD 755-1468-1R

    Classic 2 Current has alot of different stuff. Maybe they will have what you need. They are a little more specific about models etc...
  15. 4speed68rt

    Found This at One of My Dealers

    What are we looking at there? When you buy a drag pack car it comes incomplete, like that? Does it take a carburetor or a throttle body? Whats with the wheels? Why does it have Viper seats? Is that a factory car or something somebody started to build out of random parts? I am not up on the new...
  16. 4speed68rt

    Rocker Panel Mount Clip R&R

    If they are the same as the ones on the rocker of an R/T, you can get them. I'm not sure where I got mine, but it was one of the resto places. The kit came with new "first" clips too. I didn't even take off the original, we just painted it. It will be under the trim.
  17. 4speed68rt

    New clutch = no good

    I would go with what the manufacturer of the clutch says. I dont think a little grease will hurt anything on the splines, it is just to make them go into the hub easier. You definitly want to grease that pilot bushing.
  18. 4speed68rt

    Road Runner hood on a Coronet

    Go for it! The purists (I am one) will appreciate for what it is. A car that you are having fun with and making the way that you want it. Just like alot of the "clones" out there, nobody thinks they have the value of the real R/Ts, but we all like to have fun! Drive the wheels off of it!
  19. 4speed68rt

    Road Runner hood on a Coronet

    There you go! I wasn't aware that there was Fiberglass repops available. I knew the repop trim was available. Keep us posted. That is a much better option than the roadrunner hood. Throw in a 440 and put a tail stripe on it and you will have a "4 door" R/T.
  20. 4speed68rt

    Road Runner hood on a Coronet

    Good luck finding one of these "Power Bulge" hoods. If you can find one and have it shipped you will pay more than the car is worth. They are hard to find. Then there is the trim pieces too.