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  1. coronet68mx

    Would you buy it?

    Absolutely, buy the car before you regret it.
  2. coronet68mx

    How do I tell my friend that I don’t want him working with me on my car anymore?

    Do as the Simpsons do Hey man welcome to dumpviille, population you.
  3. coronet68mx

    My species occasionally surprises me in a good way.

    Congratulations Garth! Now you have another place you can call home, enjoy your new home, beautiful experiences with all your beloved ones wait for you here in Mexico, you can testify we are not the country people see on the news, having a place in the beach is a wonderful news, honestly...
  4. coronet68mx

    My species occasionally surprises me in a good way.

    Nice!!! And my humble opinion is yes, not everybody is a moron , and you can testify for good guys here at FBBO remember how the entire site help Ed and Cuda chick? Nice guys everywhere Garth, you and I like to help animals examples of uninterested help are everywhere.
  5. coronet68mx

    Mexican rescue dog die in Turkey

    His name was Proteo and die as a hero in Turkey, during his life he rescue 22 persons alive and find 37 bodies, the mexican navy gave him military honors as a soldier, also the Congress aplaude him for a minute, a true hero. Mexican rescue dog dies while searching for survivors in Turkey
  6. coronet68mx

    Tools Explained

    The operator had some skills
  7. coronet68mx

    Original black ghost 1970 challenger for sale at auction.

    I can't agree more, the media made the car a legend, a highly optioned challenger indeed, and we all can bet it iwill go for a lot of money.
  8. coronet68mx

    Original black ghost 1970 challenger for sale at auction.

    Nice looking challenger.
  9. coronet68mx

    Happy Birthday coronet68mx

    :lol: :lol: :lol: belive me I don't 47 now things start to slow a bit for me for example I just can't get drunk anymore, stay up late, and spicy food give me colitis , I need glasses and a few etc but thanks brother.
  10. coronet68mx

    Happy Birthday coronet68mx

    THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!! last year was a good year for me, as a few of you know I finally pay my house, the business got better, and the wife and I are ok and very much in love, turning 47 now and finally I can start another projects and relax a little bit in the economic section, this mean...
  11. coronet68mx

    Some of the garbage you get for being a Gold Member......

    I thought it was only me ... what???
  12. coronet68mx

    Pope Benedict won’t be down for breakfast

    He operate a 88 flak in the last days of the war in Berlin while Karol wojtila was in the seminary.
  13. coronet68mx

    Bullitt Charger R/T revisited!

    Was the wire hanger antenna a factory or a dealer opción? :lol:
  14. coronet68mx

    Bullitt Charger R/T revisited!

    You are breaking my heart with all those pictures man !!!! @chargervert
  15. coronet68mx

    Bullitt Charger R/T revisited!

    The go wing looks terrible in a 68.
  16. coronet68mx

    Bullitt Charger R/T revisited!

    Any idea what happened to those cars? The mustang went for millions.
  17. coronet68mx

    Old toys you have on the shelf

    My dad had a lot of HO model trains, good memories until my mom said when the times were hard " Felipe, what little train are we going to eat today" my fad was not please of course.
  18. coronet68mx

    How many of you have a back yard full of cars like me

    There is a name for your illness guys... hoarders!!! :lol:
  19. coronet68mx

    Burned 71 Charger R/T on Copart

    Yeap Dave is right, you don't need more chargers man :lol:
  20. coronet68mx

    Whole lot of shakin' going on.

    Our last earthquake was 7.7 that felt like dancing