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  1. Sweet5ltr

    Trick Flow 240 vs Stealth heads

    Fully, CNC ported cylinder head, flowing north of 320cfm @ .600 lift. Big power is easy, tons of potential, and with power gains even at lower lifts. Comparatively, a cylinder head like the Performer RPM is flowing 280 - 290 CFM @ .600 lift, and we can expect an untouched stealth to be 20-30...
  2. Sweet5ltr

    Engine stalling on heavy accelerations

    With the Sniper, you have an AFR reading and can datalog exactly what's happening during this event timeline. The best tuning tool you can purchase right now is an AFR gauge setup. As another member mentioned, on a carbureted application you would likely increase the 'pump shot' with a larger...
  3. Sweet5ltr

    Trick Flow 240 vs Stealth heads

    Great power, good combination of parts.
  4. Sweet5ltr

    Boosted 400 block strength?

    Street driven, '800 - 900' HP BBM, and all this power below 6,000 RPM? Won't likely be on the street very long at that power level (12 - 14 PSI), but yes, the 400-blocks offer a great base for a max-effort build. My friend runs one in a dart, has had great luck with a 451" turbo setup. Then...
  5. Sweet5ltr

    360 fuel consumption - considering reverting to stock cam?

    Well, there is something definitely off with the combination (which to me, isn't the camshaft), as my 318 LA engine in the W200 gets on average around 10 MPG with standard 87-octane. It's built like a brick, and is full-time 4WD with 33" tires. It's also tuned near perfectly in regards to...
  6. Sweet5ltr

    Follow up to carburetor stumble

    I would change the squirter, two to three sizes larger (try a 35). That will clear the initial hesitation or lean spike. If the carburetor is tuned well, other than the initial hit, why make any other changes? Takes all of five minutes.
  7. Sweet5ltr

    Vapor Lock - 1971 Satellite 318 Looking to install a Fuel Vapor Separator, Need some Direction

    This is exactly what to do in order to solve vapor lock. Even on my 470" low-deck, the fuel would start boiling, not in the bowls, but from the (new) mechanical fuel pump. That short time period in the fuel pump, caused vapor lock issues. I now run a carburetor heat shield, and a vapor return...
  8. Sweet5ltr

    400 stroker…470 or 512?

    There are some differences if you're purchasing from 440-source. CH with their 470 kit is 1.480-1.485. 451/512 have the 1.32 CH. Again, this is in the realm of rod-ratio in importance. To some it actually matters, to others it makes no difference to run a 1.32 CH vs. 1.48 CH. Both are...
  9. Sweet5ltr

    400 stroker…470 or 512?

    Both will make north of 600-horsepower, relatively easily with your cylinder head choice. The 470" low-deck with have additional CH and a more preferable rod-ratio (depending on how much weight you put into that). The 512" low-deck has the advantage of displacement, likely creating another 50...
  10. Sweet5ltr


    You know, that's the first thing I look for when I talk to the 70-year old owners of these cars, 'you didn't bypass the factory ammeter did you!?' :eek: Exactly as posted above, it's a host of conditions that will create the environment where the amp draw causes these to melt or (worst case...
  11. Sweet5ltr


    Bypass the Ammeter inside the car (which is a fire waiting to happen). This link will provide all the information you need; If you have a weak or dead battery, just recharge it completely (with a physical battery charger) rather than...
  12. Sweet5ltr

    Oil for 512

    My vote is Mobil 1 15W-50 If you're running conventional oil, Valvoline VR-1 in 10W-30 or 20W-50.
  13. Sweet5ltr

    Do you run a air/fuel ratio meter in your carbed car....

    My 470" ran great cruising at 11.8-12:1 and achieved reasonable economy while doing it, which most owners would never realize unless they killed the ignition and coasted off the highway to read plugs. Initially, the Holley Ultra XP was so fat OOTB, it was running 10.5:1 AFR while at cruise...
  14. Sweet5ltr

    Pros and cons of multiple hobby cars

    Disposable income and time, those are the two determining factors for me.
  15. Sweet5ltr

    Should I replace fuel pump?

    Fuel system cleaner. Should be fine. Would go ahead and order a spare.
  16. Sweet5ltr


    It's not very complicated, a camshaft in this general range will work well in your application. .470 - .500" lift, 225-235* duration @ .050, and 110-112 LSA.
  17. Sweet5ltr

    69 B body 3" exhaust?

    I think we're looking too deep into this, there was some concern about non-mandrel bends reducing the 3" exhaust tubing going over the axle, down to 2.5". To me this doesn't really make a difference, but there are some people who would lose sleep over it. Is there really a power difference, or...
  18. Sweet5ltr

    69 B body 3" exhaust?

    Absolutely, once the 600 HP threshold is reached, it's time for 3" exhaust systems and low-restriction (high-flow) mufflers. After the header collector extension length (essentially), my question is does it really make a difference downsizing from 3" to 2.75-2.5" after the muffler, , over the...
  19. Sweet5ltr

    69 B body 3" exhaust?

    By the time the exhaust gasses reach your rear axle, it doesn't really make a difference if it's 2.5" tubing over the axle and out the tailpipe. There is a benefit to the first 2-3' of 3" exhaust, while the exhaust gasses are still very hot and expanded, but after that point, I don't see a...
  20. Sweet5ltr

    When to drill holes in the throttle plates?

    Holley has this in their tuning guide. If you drill out the primary throttle plates, start small, 3/32" drill bit. We've done this with all of our carburetors, actually, one had both the primary & secondary throttle plates drilled. The Ultra XP series has an idle bypass circuit that's...