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  1. PurpleBeeper

    318 upgrade power gains?

    As mentioned..... pick taller pistons to keep your compression ratio up since you're boring the block anyway. I've run 340/360 heads on 318's and the motors ran well. No idea on hp numbers though
  2. PurpleBeeper

    1969 383 hp road runner. Engine

    Great idea! "Maybe" make someone happy and build yourself a better motor
  3. PurpleBeeper

    Newbie 318 questions

    These guys are all correct. I would suggest, even on a budget, to remove both heads and have a basic valve job, valve guides/seals and resurfacing done (basic head rebuild)...both heads. I would also inspect the camshaft/timing chain/lifters while in there.
  4. PurpleBeeper

    Heads and Headers

    My 2-cents.... I had a similar issue with some iron heads years ago. The machinist used a "super heli coil" (name?) which is about the diameter of a nickel. That black nickel has a threaded hole in it that fits the header bolts/studs.
  5. PurpleBeeper

    Leaf spring wind up

    I've had good luck with those clamps. I prefer adjustable pinion snubbers too if that matters.
  6. PurpleBeeper

    440 Valley Cover for Stock Six Pack (Dual Plane) Intake?

    Well, the one thing it would help is that I wouldn't be using the factory-style valley pan intake gasket...ONLY one pair of paper gaskets to seal the intake. I've done that once in the 80's before aftermarket valley covers were available. I cut up the factory valley pan & used a bunch of RTV...
  7. PurpleBeeper

    I have steering shaft play; steering box does NOT leak.

    Maybe a dumb p/s boxes have the "worm gear" like manual boxes do? I remember tightening my worm gear slightly years ago to remove slop
  8. PurpleBeeper

    Choosing fuel sending unit.

    You are best off to re-build your original sending unit. The aftermarket ones are junk
  9. PurpleBeeper

    Edelbrock Brock dual bolt pattern on a thermoquad manifold

    I've not done this, but I would be VERY tempted to use a carb adapter since you can buy them off the shelf at O'Reilly for cheap.
  10. PurpleBeeper

    440 Source Alternators

    Check your grounds's cheaper
  11. PurpleBeeper

    Radiator swap with pics

    Yeah, I modified the crap out of my Champion and the fan shroud to make it fit. It works though
  12. PurpleBeeper

    6 pack carbs

    And "maybe" adjust the power valve. I think the rule of thumb is to run a power valve that is half your idle you need 13" Hg vacuum. And yes, the 6.5 is stock.
  13. PurpleBeeper

    Another throttle cable question

    These guys are on the right track. As long as the ends are correct, all you need is any cable that no more than about 4"-6" too long (they can bind if they're a foot too long)....otherwise, any one that fits is correct. You do get some "wiggle room" where the cable clamps onto the bracket. If...
  14. PurpleBeeper

    68-70 Convertible Rear Interior Panel Screws

    I'm not sure what was original, but they screw right into the plastic of the rear/side interior panels, no nuts or anything
  15. PurpleBeeper

    69 RR beltline trim install

    I'm not sure of the hole size. There is definitely a "left" and "right" one. Also, the key is to keep the holes "in a row", but left/right doesn't matter to much if it's not perfect. The retainer clips can slide left/right a little bit if needed.
  16. PurpleBeeper

    440 cam help

    You'll see a noticeable improvement with 3.91 or 4.10 gears, BUT you basically can't drive on the highway anymore. Sure, you can run 100hp-150hp nitrous on a stock engine
  17. PurpleBeeper

    Connecting mechanical oil pressure gauge can either connect it to the 2nd un-used port as described above OR put a "T" in the one port you're already using
  18. PurpleBeeper

    WTB Six pack base

    Carburetor base or air cleaner base?
  19. PurpleBeeper

    1970 Dodge Charger 440 4bll carburetor questions

    Somebody here knows, but I think the Carters are in the 625cfm to 650cfm range. Some factory '70 440's came with 600cfm Holley's (I think the non-high-performance New Yorkers, etc). Be advised that many Holley's have clearance issues with factory intake manifolds (& that Carters...