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    Gear Vendors OD
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    Henry recall

    Those are the Lucas McCain special editions!
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    It’s Chuck Norris birthday

    I waved as I drove past his place yesterday afternoon! :)
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    Carb Spacers Which Style is Best?

    Wondering if there is any effect on vacuum and idle circuit.
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    Carb Spacers Which Style is Best?

    I am doing some clean up on my engine compartment. Just had my intake manifold coated and am in the process of reinstalling. The intake is an Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap. I have always used carb spacers/insulators to help prevent vapor lock and hard starting because of fuel evaporation due to heat...
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    Who has MOVED from their home state ? How difficult was it for you?

    When your shopping beware homes that are in a MUD (Municipal Utility District) the fees can easily be half or more of annual taxes!
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    Steering Wheel Colors

    I trust the shop that did it! They have done lots of work for me over the years and it has all been exceptional. They are not a "Production Shop" so it cost more but I prefer this method. BTW thanks for your photos!
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    64 Belvedere-windlace

    If you wanted to stick with the colored windlace you might contact Gary Ball. I am sure he has a source. Gary Ball Interiors
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    Steering Wheel Colors

    Thanks for everyone's comments I appreciate it. I have a '62 Savoy that I purchased 5 years ago in RI. My son and I flew in and drove it home to Texas. It was a great trip, took 7 days, a radiator and fuel pump along the way. Met lots of great people everywhere, especially fuel stops.....(" Hey...
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    Steering Wheel Colors

    Cleared Now
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    Steering Wheel Colors

    As soon as I can figure out how to delete PM I will get it cleaned up. Normally not it challenged but this is challenging.
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    Steering Wheel Colors

    Can someone advise the original steering wheel colors available for '62 Savoys?
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    Uncle Tony says Mopar engines have a fatal flaw

    Anyone ever change the rear spark plugs on a '66 or '67 SB Chevy II? How about a Monza with the 262? '67 Mercury Comet with a 427? All the manufacturers have had their Oops or Gotcha engineering issues. Doesn't mean the car wasn't designed for that power plant it's just human error or an Oh...
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    '62 Wagon 2 door Project

    Not sure this is the appropriate place to post this but since it is '62 specific I start it here. This is a '62 Plymouth 4 door to 2 door wagon project that I think is really cool. After some negotiation I would probably be a buyer IF I didn't already have a '62 Savoy 4 door to 2 door project...
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    At a loss with my Drivetrain Vibration

    I have a '59 Cadillac with a 2 piece drive shaft. It is a real PITA to get the center carrier aligned with the transmission AND the differential. I have engine / transmission swapped many A & B bodies over the last 50 years and have never experienced the kind of issue you are facing. A few times...
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    Pinion angle help

    Did you remove the drive shaft when you did the work? Is the drive shaft phased correctly?
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    Which muscle car is ugly?

    My '62 Savoy is considered ugly by most. I think it is as much about the reason you own it as it is the aesthetic that most judge it by.
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    Markel/Essentia Insurance Company (AKA Hagerty) Price Increase More Than $100 Over Last Year

    None of them are inexpensive. Values and prices of parts, labor and materials is through the roof. I have a friend who owns a custom shop. Builds 3 complete frame off cars a year and paints a couple a month. Paints a fair number of SEMA bound cars for other shops (Have paint gun will...
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    @Buffs52 I have a couple of these: DMS Equipment | Car Lifts For Home & Business - DMS...

    @Buffs52 I have a couple of these: DMS Equipment | Car Lifts For Home & Business - DMS Equipment They deliver and install as part of the purchase price. Find them on CL in most major Texas cities. They are warehoused in Dallas. I like the fact that you can roll the 4 post around even with a...
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