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  1. BSB67

    1967 15" Wheel choices?

    Don’t hold your breath for a response
  2. BSB67

    Lunati Cam/lifter went flat during break in

    The depths people will go for $30 amazes me. What a turd.
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    Is the Transmission Pan Painted?

    Are those installation tools? :lol:
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    the bowl area

    I don’t know what your meaning of “good”is. Do you have the specifics on the valve grind? Any track data? Don’t know if you’ll see 20 with a bowl blend. You will not feel 20 hp in the seat of the pants
  5. BSB67

    the bowl area

    Kinda hard to answer without knowing much anything else about what you have going on. If the heads are the bottleneck, bowl blending will help “more”, if they are not the bottleneck, it will help “less”. More would be 20 hp, less would be 5 hp. I did a head swap on my 400 hp-ish street car...
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    Which Hughes Torque Converter for this Setup?

    Do you have a converter now, if so, try it first. If it’s not what you want, you’ll have great info for selecting the right converter.
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    Valve lash 69 RR with a medium build roller cam, rockers etc.

    No lash with a hydraulic cam. There is a preload.
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    looking for the closest to original pistons for 71 440 Six pack

    Sounds like a solid but simple combo. I bet it runs well.
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    Factory 4bbl Holley on the 440?

    Dwyane mentioned that the Holley 80531 might be a starting point to build into a factory look alike carb, so I posted a picture.
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    Factory 4bbl Holley on the 440?

    I think you can run the 800 cfm Edelbrock carb in FAST. I would start there. Have you run the car yet to see where you are at? You might find that there are a lot of other things you might want to work on before the carb.
  11. BSB67

    Factory 4bbl Holley on the 440?

    Holley 80531, lower right, obviously.
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    440 Valley Cover for Stock Six Pack (Dual Plane) Intake?

    If you have a fitment issue because of deck milling, a valley plate will not help. Take your aluminum heads to a shop like you did with the iron heads. Have them milled 0.060” on the intake face. Get two sets of 0.015” and 0.030” intake gaskets. You”ll have everything you”ll need to make...
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    looking for the closest to original pistons for 71 440 Six pack

    Technically, the 69 6 Pack did not have the commonly referred to “6 Pack” pistons. They had the std. 4 bbl pistons. The 2355 forged is the replacement piston for the factory cast. It’s the same in every meaningful way. Piston with pin will be within a few grams of the factory original and...
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    looking for the closest to original pistons for 71 440 Six pack

    On second thought, the 2266 might be the right piston for 1971.
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    Manifold Question: What will I lose?

    No You’ll give up a little power from midrange up What you give up will be imperceptible.
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    Another garage..

    Nice looking house and garage.
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    426 wedge hp

    Without doing the math I’d guess that’s close to 450 hp in a 4000 lb car in decent air (1000 ft DA)
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    1970 Dodge Charger 440 4bll carburetor questions

    Interesting thread. I’m going to be brutally honest here. If a guy that doesn’t seem to know much of anything about his muscle car and doesn’t want to do the simple work himself and is using a mechanic that doesn’t seem too good either, it will be painful exercise If you have a bunch of...