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    69 Roadrunner

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    Best fender tag ever

    Somebody must make them because it was on this car. I didn't pull it off the internet.
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    Best fender tag ever

    Went to a local car show/toy drive today and saw a Cuda with an awesome fender tag. Had a killer supercharged slant 6 then when I looked a little closer I noticed the replacement fender tag and couldn't stop laughing.
  6. BrianS

    All to familiar story....

    Saw this ad on Craigslist, seems like a typical story. I feel bad for the guy "The story I bought a stock 1974 Cuda with a 318 and auto tranny. It was supposed to be a retirement present to myself. I bought a 1974 knowing I was going to Frankenstein it to a luxury hot rod. Not to over powered...
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    Projects with lost titles

    That is exactly what I was thinking. I wonder how long Arizona keeps records it might be out of the system and in order to get a duplicate it might need an Arizona VIN inspection which would require him to take it back to Arizona which from Reno is a 650mi drive. I might need to call him again...
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    Projects with lost titles

    Since completing all my projects I have been looking for another. I have always had pretty good luck on Craigslist so I have been looking on Craigslist, Marketplace and other sources for something that catches my attention. What I am finding is besides the fact prices are off the hook right now...
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    Gasoline. Do you price shop or just buy where it is close?

    I have never been one to fuss about the brand of gas except for the bike but all the guys I ride with are adament about top tier fuel. I will say we had a big debate about this a few years ago at the company I was running jobs for. In an effort to save money we were filling the diesel welding...
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    Gasoline. Do you price shop or just buy where it is close?

    Depends on what I am driving! If I am in the truck I usually keep an eye out for the cheapest diesel and will even fill up the 50 gal transfer tank if it is cheap enough. Heck on my way back from Idaho I will typically stop in Nevada someplace like Rye Patch Chevron which is cheap and fill both...
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    I'm at liberal ground zero....

    Over the years I have done quite a bit of high rise construction in SF. Since I retired I pretty much refuse to go into the city it is such a S hole anymore. The City is hurting right now, no one wants to go into the City, vacancy rates in office buildings is astronomically high, crime is out of...
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    One Superbird, Over-Easy Please

    Interesting story-the crazy part is the owner of those cars owns another Daytona and Superbird that he managed to relocate prior to the storm.
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    68 Road Runner Project-First Mopar

    I envy those of you that are good at documenting your builds. I started into this thing with every intention of taking lots of pics but never do. Anyway today The RR went on a shakedown cruise. Found I have a couple of issues but nothing too crazy. I am still waiting on the rocker moulding clips...
  14. BrianS

    Nat'l Gyro day!!!

    Oh man now you have done it I have been thinking about a Gyro from a small hole in the wall Mediterranean place about 5 miles from me and now it looks like a trip to Babalou's is on the schedule for lunch today. :thumbsup:
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    WTG 1969 Accurate Rear Spring Shackles

    I picked up my rear spring parts from Frank Badalson. I would check with him.
  16. BrianS

    Mopar Turquoise Engine Paint

    Another vote for KBS. I never have been a fan of rattle can paint so this was the answer to me. I was satisfied with the results of course you need to have the equipment to spray it on which for some is a problem.
  17. BrianS

    Mopar Turquoise Engine Paint

    Both places are highly recommended by quite a few folks. I ordered my tail panel paint and argent for the grill from 8774Paint1. Great product. Ordered quite a bit of leaf spring rebuild parts from Frank, great to talk to and doesn't mind sharing his 50+ years of experience when you ask questions.
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    Driving from Texas to California.... I-10? or I-40/Route66???

    My folks drug us kids back and forth from Missouri to California multiple times a year and then when I had a family I did the same. It would not be an overstatement to say I have been over 66 and now 40 dozens of times. Never been on I10 but like I think it was Crusher who mentioned it is too...
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    70 Roadrunner driver remote mirror location

    Need a measurement As far as the diameter of the hole goes it should be simple. Check the diameter of the part of the mirror the bezel screws on to and drill it that size.