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  1. Skatpak

    FOR SALE 66 Charger Clock

  2. Skatpak

    FOR SALE 66 Charger Clock

    Clock completely gone through, repaired, cleaned, adjusted, points cleaned and adjusted, El works as it should. Looks and runs perfect. Nicest housing I have seen in a looooong time. These rarely come up for sale. $1000.00
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    Trying to troubleshoot my fuel gauge problem.

    Here is my info
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    Here is my info
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    Electrical help

    Yes I do. I specialize in the first gen electrical system as well as the clusters, power packs, El system, clocks. I'm happy to help when I get back into town. Todds Restorations Todd
  6. Skatpak

    Trying to troubleshoot my fuel gauge problem.

    Visit my page Todds Restorations This is what I specialize in. Very common when the nichrome wire wrapped around the bimetallic metal strip becomes old and Frey's causing a 5v internal short. The needle will read full all the time. However if left that way with power to the cluster it will burn...
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    It has to have the 2 wires to be the correct one.
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    FOR SALE 66-67 Charger Ac push buttons

    These buttons are selling fast. As you know until now no one reproduces these. We are trying a run to see how it goes. Supply is limited. There is no one else making these. 174.96 shipped to your door, tax included. FB Todds Restoratios or message me here to order a set before I run out.
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    66 Charger Cluster

    Thank you.
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    FOR SALE 66-67 Charger ac vacuum switch push buttons.

    I'm selling these for 144.99 plus 20.00 shipping anywhere in the US. There is a limited number at this time since we just released them, 5 sets already sold. Email is the best way to order these as I check that daily, my email [email protected] you can pm me but I don't check this daily, my...
  11. Skatpak

    66 Charger Cluster

    Another cluster finished for a really happy customer. Also wanted a tach sender upgrade. Todds Restorations Todd Castner owner.
  12. Skatpak

    SOLD Woodgrain Steering Wheel

    I'll take it. Todd
  13. Skatpak

    This one was fun. 66 Charger cluster

    3 gauge rebuilds, 2 needle repairs, fixed the El, converted the voltage limiter to a Rte piece. Now it's going back home to Australia. Done by Todds Restorations.
  14. Skatpak

    Another cluster project

    No the molotow chrome is fine as long as it on small sections or narrow parts. Unlike a bezel for a 66 charger which is mostly chrome.
  15. Skatpak

    Another cluster project

    Bezels I send out for restoration/plating/ repair or whatever they need. I disassemble them in house to get ready for that work and I reassemble them in house. But as far as plastic repair/ work or whatever I send them out. Todd
  16. Skatpak

    Another cluster project

    Came in for a few things. Can you guess what gauges are done? 66 charger Cluster done by Todds Restorations
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    I would get a hold of STEVE817 in this group, he specializes in the 68-70 gauges.
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    66 Clock restoration
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    Before and after