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  1. SteveSS

    A deep dive into the Crazy Larry, Dirty Mary Charger.

    I was considering Citron yellow for the 1970 Coronet although I know that's a '71 color. It's funny to hear TV announcers try to make up something about the Curious Yellow name. It came from a very popular X-Rated movie at the time called, "I Am Curious Yellow." It was one of those movies...
  2. SteveSS

    The Under 10K for sale thread

    1966 Satellite. Very far gone but it still has its 440. $2000. Fountain, CO is just south of Colorado Springs.
  3. SteveSS

    1969 383 timing

    I too would like to know this.
  4. SteveSS

    petronic distributor

    When I did my distributor on my 1969 383, in the fine print at the bottom of an ad, it would always say NOT FOR 1969 383. That was for a whole distributor. My dizzy was messed up so I had to send it to an excellent distributor guy, I think in Ohio and he rebuilt mine with parts and added the...
  5. SteveSS

    My son is selling his 80's Ram 50 4x4 and parts truck on FaceBook but you could barely see another car in the background.

    I hate cryptic titles. Give me some idea of what's in the post.
  6. SteveSS

    Mean Green in Hemmings muscle machines magazine May2023 issue.

    Thanks, I love Hemmings Muscle Machines mag.
  7. SteveSS

    My son is selling his 80's Ram 50 4x4 and parts truck on FaceBook but you could barely see another car in the background.

    You can barely see my 1970 Coronet 500 in the background. He's had two calls on the truck and two calls on the Coronet.
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    Dave K, Here's some, my daughter is always taking pictures. She washed them and they are drying off in the back seat of her SUV. .1thisT
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    Today, March 25th is Newfoundland Dog Day.
  10. SteveSS

    We just watched John Wick 4. No spoilers.

    Really stay away from any site containing spoilers. The setting/backdrops are awesome I don't how they got permission to film in some of the places they were. I don't usually notice costumes and fashion but I did in this film so they must be pretty good. They are some silly parts, not going...
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    We're having a glazed donut party

    I've seen documentaries where crows surround a crow that has died. It's almost like a funeral.
  12. SteveSS

    We're making pretty good progress on the Charger 500 resto .

    Back the original within reason. I'm certainly not going to get rid of things I consider cool.
  13. SteveSS

    Here is a case where he should have stopped at the front end...

    There's a reason only the best of the best get to be transportation designers. Most come out of the Art Center of Design in Pasadena. Good luck getting accepted into that school, then I hear you spend ALL of your time there in the studio. Then if you are in the top 2% you might get a job...
  14. SteveSS

    We're making pretty good progress on the Charger 500 resto .

    It doesn't look a heck of a lot different but it's coming along. I have been using the Jimmy guy you recommended for used parts. Besides parts, he's a wealth of information about these cars. We found out you couldn't get hideaways with a 500, Someone added that. BUT, they necessitated...
  15. SteveSS

    A question about the Demon 170's pressure?

    Cylinder pressures in the Demon 170 peak at 2,500 psi, 50 percent higher than in the 797-hp Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye. What does that number mean? We all know about compression ratios, but it can't mean that could it? What is cylinder pressure say in one of our muscle cars?
  16. SteveSS

    What's the best state to find/buy a classic car?

    I shouldn't convey this, we have too many moving here already. Colorado Springs, Colorado gets 18 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. Colorado Springs averages 57 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year. On average...
  17. SteveSS

    An article on the new Dodge Demon 170. I bet it is well over $100K with another $100K in dealer markups.
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    Chicken bones are not a problem with my Newfoundlands. I truly believe they could each eat an entire roasted chicken in 4 bites. The best way to describe it is, it's the way an alligator eats with big jaws. There is no real chewing. A cheeseburger or an ice cream cone never hits the ground...
  19. SteveSS

    Great voices in the entertainment industry

    There are some bass singers that throw women into a spin.
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    Teenagers and cars, best ride?

    For me, a Pontiac Vibe is always the answer. Fun, reliable and great on gas. It's really a Toyota Matrix with Pontiac prices.