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  1. One bad GTX

    FOR SALE N96 Flapper Door End Cap

    I have a extra OEM if you need it?
  2. One bad GTX

    70’s GTX dash emblem ID

    I would like to buy that GTX dash emblem for my 70 V code.
  3. One bad GTX

    FOR SALE 1968-70 B Body Consoles, intake, wheels, heat controls and ductwork

    I was called out of town for work or I would have got it, oh well, Thanks for posting.
  4. One bad GTX

    SOLD NOS ballast resistors

    If you have the NOS I'll take one.
  5. One bad GTX

    SOLD 440 6pac setup for sale location springfield, MO.

    Are these all reproduction parts?
  6. One bad GTX

    So I bought a 70 Super Bee...

    Head north near Rome, floyd GA, back in the day 20 plus years ago there were many old Chryslers in that area sitting around.
  7. One bad GTX

    Air Grabber Problem

    Good information here, thanks for the details on something I have to restore on my sons GTX. :thumbsup:
  8. One bad GTX

    SOLD NOS "Plymouth" emblem - P/N#2785791

    I'll take one, your in box is full.
  9. One bad GTX

    FOR SALE 1970 NOS Plymouth GTX/Roadrunner/Satellite

    PM box is full, I need what ever is left.
  10. One bad GTX

    New 70 6 pack GTX

    WOW, That's cool man!! I would be very interested to talk with your buddy about these cars. I know of a handful of B7 cars and I'm very curious on options and parts sources.
  11. One bad GTX

    New 70 6 pack GTX

    We have the car home and it's much cooler then I had anticipated. Now the sheet metal work will begin. Stay tuned...For another Detroit Muscle build thread.
  12. One bad GTX

    Comment by 'One bad GTX' in item '1969 Dodge Charger'

    That cleaned up very well, nice work.
  13. One bad GTX

    New 70 6 pack GTX

    Yes I know the history back to the original owner. It was passed around between a group of guys that know each other I was told, I believe 5 owners total. Most of this time the car wasn't used but only stored. It's a original SD car and went to MI for a bit until the cam went bad then back to...
  14. One bad GTX

    Comment by 'One bad GTX' in item '1970 Plymouth GTX'

    It's beautiful, and I would assume very rare.
  15. One bad GTX

    New 70 6 pack GTX

    I'm a GM guy... but I swear I didn't do that...:moparsmiley: