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  1. Dennis H

    Mississippi Tornado

    I sent a donation, seems legit. Unbelievable destruction there. Mods delete Please.
  2. Dennis H

    Sitting in a Car Show, Minding my own Business...

    Nowhere is safe.
  3. Dennis H

    Mississippi Tornado

    Anyone hear of Mercy Chefs? Asking for $35 to feed victims, emergency workers, and volunteers. Heartache for these poor bastards. A good hot meal near the rubble of your home/community sounds like a good first step to help.
  4. Dennis H

    Some Info on New Charger

    Nothing I’m looking at is $49,300!
  5. Dennis H

    Some Info on New Charger

    C8 looks Italian. C7 looks like hell. Design by committee. Chrysler boys in the late 60’s had it figured out in clay. Timeless.
  6. Dennis H

    An article on the new Dodge Demon 170.

  7. Dennis H

    An article on the new Dodge Demon 170.

    Sorry, it was reportedly stolen right after the Reveal on Monday. Between the whorish ADM’s at dealers and the theft by thugs, I guess we just can’t own and drive these cars.
  8. Dennis H

    Spring Fling 35 Apr 15&16, 2023 Van Nuys CA -info & roll call

    Cannot make it this Spring. Enjoy and take pictures. See you in Fall.
  9. Dennis H

    Some Info on New Charger

    Nah. Not for me. Golf Carts and inline sixes. Nope. And the hell with Peugeot for ******* us during the last hurrah.
  10. Dennis H

    Happy Birthday To dadsbee

    H B D!
  11. Dennis H

    An article on the new Dodge Demon 170.

    Moratorium on the 170. Enough threads. Jesus Chrysler. Every time some sleepy head sticks their head up we go through this.
  12. Dennis H

    MATS 2023 / Pic’s 4 U…

  13. Dennis H

    New to the forum, from NE Ohio

    You’ve got the Nats and Carlisle coming up.
  14. Dennis H

    2022 MATS Las Vegas

    Sorry to hear. Weather? Keep us posted on tomorrow’s events.
  15. Dennis H

    Nationals. Hebron (Columbus) Ohio 8/11-8-13-2023.

    Hampton Columbus East. Pre event car wash scheduled. Registration sent. Debating on combining Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or Dayton Air to the trip. Can’t do both.
  16. Dennis H

    2022 MATS Las Vegas

    Uber. There is a thread on the 23 Show. Post pics there.
  17. Dennis H

    Myrtle Beach- Run to the Sun 2023

    Wow. Thanks for taking the time to post. Haven’t seen the Hotchkis car for years. Is that a wheel lock on the 71 ‘Cuda?
  18. Dennis H

    Happy Birthday Moparmarks

    H B D!