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  1. snakeyes

    Happy Birthday To dadsbee

    Happy Birthday and many more :drinks:
  2. snakeyes

    Happy 106th Birthday Richard Cranium! (11th of March)

    Happy Birthday RC glad to know there is someone older than me
  3. snakeyes

    Gold investing.

    do not no about investing in gold but ammo yes
  4. snakeyes

    old dirt bike memories

    hell of a good bike have several still
  5. snakeyes

    Happy Birthday to eldubb440

    happy birthday another one down and many more to go :thumbsup:
  6. snakeyes


    watch those corn cobs A hidden danger at summer cookouts for dogs: Corn on the cob. Here's why it can be deadly.
  7. snakeyes

    Who Likes Aircraft ?

  8. snakeyes

    Who Likes Aircraft ?

  9. snakeyes

    Who Likes Aircraft ?

  10. snakeyes

    Items you no longer see in stores

    Had that might still have to look in the attic
  11. snakeyes

    Lookie what $5000 buys you....

    I think most of us do that a lot :thumbsup:
  12. snakeyes

    Lookie what $5000 buys you....

    kinda got that Gary Busey or Nick Nolte look going
  13. snakeyes

    PayPal Fraud Attempt?

    no friends and family here ,had a problem on G.J. was looking for a Large Matco top middle and bottom box got a lot of sellers most refused to ship then there was one gut that sent a folder of emails who would ship it here he would do pay pal but only with friends and family I said no way and he...
  14. snakeyes

    70 RR Hardtop qtr glass trim

    free free free :thumbsup:
  15. snakeyes

    The not a meme meme thread

  16. snakeyes

    Who Likes Aircraft ?

  17. snakeyes

    Who Likes Aircraft ?

  18. snakeyes

    Who Likes Aircraft ?

  19. snakeyes

    FOR SALE 1970 Plymouth dealer data book and color/trim selector book

    any idea of shipping to Avon Ohio 44011-2526 ,thanks
  20. snakeyes

    Beads or static

    I new this chick she liked beads