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  1. 70 GTX-R

    Love my Super Sawzall but.....

    Me and my 2 brothers decided a while back to pick a brand and stick with it. Liked dewalt. So been collecting since. For the big tools, sawzall, hammer drill, grinder and circular saw. Got the 60 flex volt. these are a beast. No comparison to the 20 volt. The one thing I would say is I like the...
  2. 70 GTX-R

    Hello from Manitoba

    Another Winnipeg hello!
  3. 70 GTX-R

    Putting motor and trans in.

    I would say, installing from bottom allows you to basically assemble whole power train with all accessories without having to hang over fenders. found it easier on my back. But need space to do it. After doing once, think I would only do from bottom now. But also have a hoist now.
  4. 70 GTX-R

    Blown tranny now. Honestly, what next?

    only 2 wires to starter, so wondering if cable end on trigger wire twisted when tightening and contacted the power wire. or you have power on trigger for some reason now. With the starter the only thing touched. seems most likely area.
  5. 70 GTX-R

    Dealership Quotes $30,000 to Replace Battery in a $10,000 Chevrolet Volt

    I work at a GM dealership, priced out that part number for battery. It lists for around 12,000 $ Canadian. Looks like a fake estimate to me.
  6. 70 GTX-R

    Blown tranny now. Honestly, what next?

    If you are driving checking places. Only one in Winnipeg I trust is seven oaks transmission on mcphillips. just finished a 727 for me.
  7. 70 GTX-R

    Engine install from underneath

    My brother and I installed my engine from under. Found it went very smooth and was able to assemble most engine stuff quickly. this was installed the night before we took it to world of wheels. goal was to drive it in. Couldn’t have a Hemi car with an empty engine compartment. Made the jig...
  8. 70 GTX-R


    Love the car! Any under hood pics?
  9. 70 GTX-R

    Happy 426 Day!

  10. 70 GTX-R

    1966 Plymouth Satellite HP2

    Happy you found the leak, brake fluid is nasty stuff. Don’t want the original paint getting hurt. Very cool car!
  11. 70 GTX-R

    1966 Plymouth Satellite HP2

    Love the car! Actually all your cars! Just wondering if it has a vin on the block being a 68. Also,I would have a look at the master cylinder from interior side to make sure there is no leak inside vehicle. Just a thought. Thanks for the great info and pics.
  12. 70 GTX-R

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

  13. 70 GTX-R

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

  14. 70 GTX-R

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

  15. 70 GTX-R

    70 GTX Engine, Trans, History.

    Was wondering if any updates, or if the correct transmission showed up? I’m curious because I basically have the same car, made at same plant. With the same digit in serial number one off from vin. Also missing whole power train.
  16. 70 GTX-R

    Happy start to the new year

    Not the best pictures, but shows the interior. In storage in shop for now.