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  1. Floyd

    B-body Bench Seat Pittsburg C/L - Cheap

    Sorry, I missed the lack a split seat back. I see why it’s free now…
  2. Floyd

    B-body Bench Seat Pittsburg C/L - Cheap

    Probably useful for someone. Vintage Front Seat of Car - free stuff
  3. Floyd

    Six Pack Air Cleaner identification

    I have one of those and have seen enough like it to think they designed that way as an over the counter offering. The cut line on mine and others I’ve seen is too uniform to have been done by hand and was done during stamping in my opinion.
  4. Floyd

    SOLD Carter AVS Strip Kit #10-202

    Carter 10-202 Strip Kit for all AVS, and all OEM AFB carburetors with 3-step rods and high step primary jets. Kit is missing two sets of metering jets (part 120-489 and part 120-377) as shown in the photos. All other parts listed on the diagram are included and are un-used. $100 plus...
  5. Floyd

    Factory red color for brake drums

    I believe this is a good match. Available on Amazon for $25ish. For some reason I can post a link. Original drums that I’ve seen had it applied with a brush (pretty sloppy) 1 Shot Letter Enamel 102L Fire Red 4Oz
  6. Floyd

    SOLD Original 1970 383/440 Power Steering Pump w/Cooler

    Sorry, it has been sold.
  7. Floyd

    WTB Wanted - Original Style Holley Fuel Line Inlet Fittings

    Looking for 1-2 of these original style fuel line inlet fittings for a sixpack setup. Pretty sure other Holley carbs used these during the late 60s-early 70s. Looking for un-boogered ones. Thanks for the ad!
  8. Floyd

    MOPAR Restoration Shops in Wisconsin

    These guys are good too and are located about 30 min north of Milwaukee. They did the body work on my car and have done multiple turn-key Mopar restorations. MMR Home
  9. Floyd

    SOLD Original 1970 383/440 Power Steering Pump w/Cooler

    Saginaw power steering pump and cooler off a 1970 GTX. Correct for B/E-Body with 383/440/440-6 w/performance axle package. Nice unrestored original core with Nov 1969 date codes (cooler date 17 Nov; pump reservoir date 29 Nov). $425 plus shipping from MD. SALE PENDING Thanks for the ad!
  10. Floyd

    nos washer bottle id

    Looks NOS to me. The grain on the plastic is more pronounced in the older NOS parts. That said, I still think there are variations between parts made back in the 70s vs. later parts. The rounded corner on the assembly line washer bottles is very crude. Whatever mods they made to the mold...
  11. Floyd

    340 question

    Here’s a pic. Please post the VIN if it turns out to be a TA block. My car came from OK and is missing the original block.
  12. Floyd

    FOUND NOS 440 fuel pump pushrod

    Check with Terry McCann. He’s user “mccannix” over on Moparts or He had a stash of NOS push rods.
  13. Floyd

    V-RROOM bike motor

    How did you get the main body apart? Did you have to drill out the rivets? I have one that barely makes any sound.
  14. Floyd

    1973 340 Valve cover question

    I don’t have any experience with 72-later 340s but conventional wisdom for 70-71 340s is they were installed prior to paint (should be painted engine color).
  15. Floyd

    What's the torque on a right angle oil filter adaptor bolt?

    I used this gasket kit: It calls for 40lbs.
  16. Floyd

    Any Valve Cover Experts Out There?

    This might help: Untitled Document
  17. Floyd

    SOLD Shifter linkage rods, mounting plates lot

    I had a bunch of misc levers and shift rods awhile back and sold them all to Scott. You might want to try him: Shifter Doc - Shifter Doc
  18. Floyd

    SOLD 1972 B/E-Body 340 Exhaust Manifolds

    Casting numbers 3418621/3418623 dated Nov of 1971. Correct for 1971-73 B/-Bodies with 340 but the date code corresponds to the 1972 model year. Excellent original condition with no significant pitting or cracks. $275 plus shipping from MD. Thanks for the ad!
  19. Floyd

    Organisol Paint questions.

    No personal experience but I’m told these videos are helpful with regard to shooting organasol Videos
  20. Floyd

    War Movies - What are the Best ?

    This was a pretty good. I had never heard of this raid.