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  1. RJS

    FOUND WTB Driver Side Power Window motor

    Need a good used power window motor for driver side (LEFT). My application is a 72 Satellite 2 door. Thanks Ron
  2. RJS

    1971 vs 1972 Strobe Stripes: Is it just me?

    Your two example pictures are placed horribly!!!! I have a bigger problem with cars that have the wrong year stripes over the difference between the two years! Ron
  3. RJS

    SOLD Bouchillon TorqueFlite Kickdown Cable and Carburetor Bracket ETC...

    Thank Andy, I loved it, I couldn't get the factory kickdown rod to work with aftermarket carb. and manifold so a friend suggested this and my shift points and kickdown went back to normal! Only removed because I just converted to a TKX Tremic. Ron
  4. RJS

    SOLD Bouchillon TorqueFlite Kickdown Cable and Carburetor Bracket ETC...

    Bouchillon TorqueFlite Kickdown cable P/N 3350 and Carburetor Bracket set-up P/N 3395. This is very nice used condition, new would cost a total of $335+. Can be used on all types of 4 bbl. setups to obtain proper shift/kickdown points. Price $200 plus $12 shipping in Us ONLY. Can also be picked...
  5. RJS

    SOLD 1970 Big Block Aluminum Bell Housing P/N 2892513

    Price reduction tired of stepping over it. $500 + shipping TY Ron
  6. RJS

    SOLD 1970 Big Block Aluminum Bell Housing P/N 2892513

    1970 and up Big Block aluminum bell housing P/N 2892513. Just cleaned and checked all thread holes. Uses the 130 tooth flywheel and 10.5 or 10.95 clutch set-up. No cracks. Excellent condition w/1970 date on it. Fits Big Block Cuda's Road Runners etc... Pay Pal friends and family + shipping...
  7. RJS

    WTB WTB 1971-3 Satellite/GTX Steering Wheel WoodGrain Center Cover

    I know Brian, doesn't have any nice ones. Ron
  8. RJS

    WTB WTB 1971-3 Satellite/GTX Steering Wheel WoodGrain Center Cover

    *******WANT TO BUY******* 1971-72 PLYMOUTH B-Body Steering wheel WOODGRAIN piece with PLYMOUTH on it. see picture: ************Needs to be in very nice condition.*********** Will buy NOS also if you have! Do not need any faded or sun baked parts. Let me know what you have. Thanks Ron
  9. RJS

    WTB 1972 Satellite Sebring Plus trim

    I'm looking for the 2 (two) straight pieces the make-up the driver side 1/4 panel molding for a 72 SSP. ********I included a picture that should help so as to there being no confusion.******** Or for that matter any NOS pieces that for this model car. Let me know what you have and prices. Thank...
  10. RJS

    Anodized trim restore??

    See above I reworded my post, I'm not a BB to people. Ron
  11. RJS

    Anodized trim restore??

    We have conversed by email but I haven't gotten any type of quote or time-line from him yet.
  12. RJS

    Anodized trim restore??

    Thanks Brett I just left him a message and sent him an email!
  13. RJS

    Anodized trim restore??

    I have 2 18" and 1 12" piece of my side trim that I need to have restored to match NOS pieces. Who does trim restoration and anodizing now a days??? Thanks in advance Ron
  14. RJS

    Tremec 5 speed conversion in a 1970 Charger

    I just spent a good part of my morning reading this whole thread and it is great!!! Very informative and was fun watching your trials and tribulations! You went after each obstacle with determination and always found a solution. Hope it's still a ton of fun for you!! Ron
  15. RJS

    1971 Charger with Ramcharger & AC where to pass hoses through Firewall?

    I'm going to assume by your picture you eliminated the A/C evaporator so why not near there?
  16. RJS

    Another 72 RR grille question

    They are different, the guy that started making the grills needs to make them too to help sell the product IMHO. Ron
  17. RJS

    Door weather strips???

    Yes I made an order at DMT, but these seals aren't his manufacture. They are made by Metro Products. Ron
  18. RJS

    Door weather strips???

    What is the go to brand for door weather strips now a days??? Metro? Soft Seal?? ETC? Who is the go to vendor now a days also??? I haven't had to buy any in a bunch of years. Application is 1972 B-Body Thanks Ron
  19. RJS

    SOLD MOPAR Fuel Tank CR-10B Spectra Premium W/straps

    I believe you sent a PM today, found a message in my spam folder. I'm exit 58 on Garden State Pkwy. so I believe that would be about 1hour 15 min. + or - ride to Piskataway. Ron