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  1. Runcharger

    71 RR tires

    245X60X15 came stock on front and back. I would consider 245 or 255X60X15 for the front. The rears will fit no problem.
  2. Runcharger

    70 coronet wiw

    I agree with Thrashing Cows. Right now it's probably worth the same as what you paid for it. What he listed to do, tidy up a few mechanical issues and deep clean will add a lot of value. If you're not able or don't want to do those small items then hire someone to do them for you. These last...
  3. Runcharger

    1st Time moving under its own power in nearly 50 years.

    Good job! It looks to me like this project is just about finished,
  4. Runcharger

    440 to Polara conversion

    I really prefer the Polara as well. I probably wouldn't do it though, that's a lot of holes to fill, a lot of holes to line up and drill and finding all that Polara trim could drive you to drink or to the poor house. Then to make it look right the interior should be dealt with as well. When I...
  5. Runcharger

    Is this an original Mopar green?

    Not original if that photo is accurate.
  6. Runcharger

    1971 vs 1972 Strobe Stripes: Is it just me?

    I much prefer the 71 style.
  7. Runcharger

    Pics from Back in the Day

    Searching for extra wheel covers.
  8. Runcharger

    Here is a case where he should have stopped at the front end...

    71 hideaways look better than anything else you could possibly install on that body style. I won't even discuss the Corvette tail lights.
  9. Runcharger

    Here is a case where he should have stopped at the front end...

    Proof the 71-4's are just fine standing on their own.
  10. Runcharger

    Joe Dirt sold his Daytona!

    Hemi Daytona, 4 speed is far too cool for anyone from Hollyweird anyway.
  11. Runcharger

    where to sell 64 Bel more door car?

    It deserves to be driven for years to come for sure. Way to good for parts.
  12. Runcharger

    New Truck idiot message

    GM engineers are a special kind of stupid. The 20 I drive does the same thing, it has shippy electonics in it all around, crappy interior and horrible styling and comfort compared to my Ram too. It does seem to be more reliable mechanically though. It's like the GM and Ram roles have reversed...
  13. Runcharger

    where to sell 64 Bel more door car?

    Location is always a problem. Lot's of times I have sold cars and had a hard time because of where I am and I see much worse cars go for much more in other locations and it is pretty frustrating. I think where you are located that people take an old car in good condition for granted and people...
  14. Runcharger

    Passport Pains

    Strange: My wife has her dual and had to fly down a few years ago to renew her Mexican one. Luckily it went well but is a major pain to keep up. The way Canada is degenerating though we want to be able to buy property down there in the future if things up here don't straighten out.
  15. Runcharger

    My New 1978 Cordoba 400, T-Tops

    Neat car, good colours and a big block is a necessity IMO.
  16. Runcharger

    Trying to make a decision. Opinions needed.

    I love these cars but everywhere you look you see things that aren't right. Painted over bent rear valance is a sign that the whole paint job could be over speedy prep which will lead to a complete body job. Leaking pinion seal could mean an aged differential run low on oil, no KD linkage could...
  17. Runcharger

    High build primer, what's your preference today...

    I worked some Slicksand a few years ago and was really happy with it. It seems autobody supplies change every 6 months though.
  18. Runcharger

    GTX destruction

    They could have just did the last scene and everyone would have been happier.
  19. Runcharger

    Rescued a couple '64 Sport Furys this weekend.

    Great score, my favorite early B-body.