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    How to Install Metal Railing Into Concrete

    I would have a railing made or bases cut off that can be dropped straight into drilled holes! do your tile then drill the tile and concrete,set your rail! nice clean installation

    Bought any copper wire lately ???

    in canadian tire about 20 yrs. ago buying a cheap GM ignition module they put it in a little black bag at the parts counter and escorted me to the cashier! I knew at that point the world was changing! I a little surprised they don't have a cop standing in front of the circuit breaker cage at HD!

    A question about the Demon 170's pressure?

    It means the flame front or burn rate of the fuel and amount of air/ fuel charge ignited efficiently is highly improved over what weve had in the past! cylinder head design/ optimum fuel mixture/fuel atomization all come into play as well as piston position and the engines components ability to...

    Love my Super Sawzall but.....

    I have a full ridgid set and batts. are 8 yrs. old! the cordless recip. is real handy for brushing limbs roasdide! I did kill the hammer drill putting 60 16"x5/8ths. spikes for speed bumps in the road and building 40 6'x20' docks, killed the 1/4 impact putting docks in/out 7 times [560 3/4"...

    Plastic surgery gone wrong

    I always have a grocery bag in the trunk should the need arise!

    Plastic surgery gone wrong

    I believe Ann Margrets reconstruction happened because she fell off a stage! I don't think her work was done because anyone thought here face needed improvement! I remember someone saying "if joan rivers gets another face lift she'll be sporting a goatee"

    Big News For Our Area

    I sure as hell wouldn't have let my child go in that classroom, problem solved if everybody followed! I would have been shooting pin darts from a straw at that, for educational purposes only of course and probably had a good laugh with the principal!

    Mopar hemi controller advice?

    I'd reach out to "modern muscle extreme" and pick some brains there!

    Big News For Our Area

    sounds close enough to me! after taxes you work for 2 weeks to go to a leaf game!3 weeks if you want some beer and a hotdog!
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    Cummins battery time...

    I was getting something out of the truck about 6 months ago and left the dome lights on for a week and killed the batteries, was thinking here we go batteries will be toasted ,charged them up and all good!starting diesels is hard on batts, 70amp draw on the glowplugs for 20 secs, before even...
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    What tools have proved to be invaluable to you?

    I keep one 4" grinder loaded with a "lenox metal max" wheel ,there a bit expensive $40 but the time it saves changing out wheels is way more valuable than it's cost!nothing worse than crawling into a hole to cut something and having to change wheels mid job!
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    What tools have proved to be invaluable to you?

    I use a couple pieces of rebar ground to fit! gloves really bite on them,not much chance of slipping!
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    Cummins battery time...

    I've got about 8 yrs. on my costco "kirklands" in my 95 3500 6.5TD and will buy again when needed!not sure about pricing now but they were $100 cheaper than anything else available at the time for a pair!
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    $1,000.00 per horsepower

    yes those audi's were something different that what I was use to,with the all wheel drive!I remember driving one to an after hours cub downtown toronto from the airpot and my bud says you better slow down, was doing 115mph and felt like cruising! but that 1000/hp is a joke we were spending...
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    Who else feels as I ?

    you guys can hemi anything you want! I'll take the 1650 mercruiser motor with warranty for the win Alex!
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    What's this BS all about

    bout 10yrs. after the ink dries on the marriage certicate!
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    What's the best state to find/buy a classic car?

    seems to me any place with a barn you can find a mint unmolested one of one if your name is corini! except any barn I've looked in I seem to find a couple cats and rusty piss pots!
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    Strange pop up on the forum site today

    just logged back in and it seems to be gone, maybe trying something new for security, that attempt wasn't my favourite! this site seems to have less bot traffic than others! it works pretty good and this place is busy! always something new to read!
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    Strange pop up on the forum site today

    anybody else seeing this? logged in or out pops up with each page change! how many times I gotta tell ya?
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    Stop the Hop

    might want to put your wheels on a balancer just to be sure nothings wrong there! I know some of these cars sit for long periods without use and tires can become flat spotted! although you might be able to check it partially by jacking it and rotating the tires against some type of rigged indicator!