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  1. 70ChargerRT

    Fender tags: What codes did they list, which ones were left off?

    I have my fender tag but no broadcast sheet. It still had the original seat in it that was never taken out. I’ve seen cars myself with at least 3 broadcast sheets in them and not one even belonged to the car that it was in. Took the rear seats out of my buddy’s 70 Challenger RT/SE and it had two...
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    Sniper Efi 68 Charger

    I’m about to complete my install with my Sniper X-Flo. I’m dreading the tuning part. You’re running just a tad bigger cam than I am with about the same lift with my 1.6 rockers. It’s a HR 236/242 @ 110 with 544 lift.I only had 7-8” vacuum before but FASTMAN swears he can help me get it tuned to...
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    When you spent the money and THEN they offer something that you like better....

    Adding power windows to mine was something I battled with. I love those old school chrome handles so much that they won me over. I’ll probably never go power windows. I’m about to finish up my sniper x-flo and and as soon as I’m done with that I’ve got to start my stereo system. I went with a...
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    Holley Retro-Bright LEDs

    And they are DOT approved
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    5.9 Cummins owners?

    I replaced my original with a Gates in September of 2000. It was $40. including shipping from Rock Auto. No problems so far, but I don't put a lot of miles on mine these days. Mine is also a 2001 with about 185k on it. I’ve put 54k miles on my Gates water pump on my 7.3 since replacing my...
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    When you spent the money and THEN they offer something that you like better....

    I didn’t realize that either. It’s sucks even more now!!! No needle???? WTH!!
  7. 70ChargerRT

    Fuel system for 700hp street n strip.

    I ran all stainless 3/8 hardlines and for the return also for my EFI. Tied it all in with -6AN lines. No need to go bigger unless you’re 800 hp or more I’m thinking. I’m running a 400 LPH pump in tank with a 10 micron 175 gph filter with a Holley billet fuel pressure regulator on the return that...
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    When you spent the money and THEN they offer something that you like better....

    I’ll be honest with you I absolutely hate the new RTX tach and what’s the deal with that stupid annoying Orange on it also?!!It looks nothing like this. Dakota could have done better!!!!
  9. 70ChargerRT

    Holley Retro-Bright LEDs

    I’ve been running those lights in 3 vehicles, mine, sons and the wife for the past 3 years with Zero issues and these are on daily drivers that the lights get used almost every day. Never noticed them running hot. What little I drive my Charger at night I’m sure they’ll last for years.
  10. 70ChargerRT

    Holley Retro-Bright LEDs

    Hey it’s your money but I can’t believe people are actually giving $800 for those lights when you can run these and they fit perfect. 5-3/4 Crystal Clear Metal Glass Headlight LED 4000Lm H4 Light Bulb Headlamp Set 664979139644 | eBay
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    Hard to believe the price difference

    I only buy from Mancini when I have to. Mopar knowledgeable but they can be rude sometimes but not as bad as the old owners of Indy. Those bastards left such a bad taste in my mouth just to hear the name Indy makes me sick to my stomach.
  12. 70ChargerRT

    Need Dorman part number for longer wheel studs

    Yeah factory disc but I’ve decided use Baer 13” front Disc so I’ll get the correct studs then. The 610-446 worked perfect for the back. Thanks for the help though.
  13. 70ChargerRT

    QA1 Tubular K-member

    Just took the pic after Installation of the front end. No alignment has been made yet. I still have to install a Baer 13” brake it also.
  14. 70ChargerRT

    My 440 needs a new mini high torque starter. Recommendations?

    Or a spun ring gear like I had but of course it acted different than the OP problems. Thought it was the starter lol
  15. 70ChargerRT

    Rear main seal project

    Is your 440 stock, does it have ARP studs? Is your engine still in your car? Details man.
  16. 70ChargerRT

    Another Rear Main Seal Thread

    Here’s the thing about a Fastfish retainer. For one its already made for engines that has ARP studs and what I like the best is it doesn’t use side seals and the outside edges are beveled so you can fill the bevel edges up with RTV. I do not like any of the retainers with side seals. If you...
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    All I can remember is that they had more problems than Quicktime when I was looking for a bell for my T-56. I did have to shim my torque starter a tad on my QuickTime.
  18. 70ChargerRT

    Another Rear Main Seal Thread

    We’ve just fixed 2 rear main seals with the FastFish retainer. One was in the car and one was out of the car. I personally don’t like the one piece seal they use but their retainer is the best. We used a 2 piece fel-pro along with a fast fish retainer to fix my buddy’s roadrunner while the...
  19. 70ChargerRT

    The Best Year for the Charger?

    So true for me also.