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  1. Beechwood45789

    SOLD New 440 MAGNUM pie tin for air cleaner

    I'll take it if he doesnt
  2. Beechwood45789

    Electronic ignition woes what am I missing??

    I had a different but similar problem where the car would run if I held it in the start position but would die when I let off. Checked and changed everything that you did. See what your voltage is doing at the turn signal switch connector. Run and start are two different paths, I had voltage in...
  3. Beechwood45789

    Dodge A12 Bee finally getting attention!

    This has got to be the same car
  4. Beechwood45789

    Roof bracing sealant question

    Yep thank you sir. I had probably a 3/4 inch gap where I was wedging a shrinking disc in there trying to save the old roof skin. Loosened my set screws and raised my braces to almost touching, now I'm sealed up and welded out, right as rain.
  5. Beechwood45789

    Roof bracing sealant question

    Hell nevermind I have a better idea. Take the roof skin off, jack the braces up to bend them to where they need to be, then test fit the roof again. Duh. I'd delete this thread if I knew how.
  6. Beechwood45789

    Roof bracing sealant question

    So I have my roof skin on my 69 super bee all fitted up, screwed in place and ready to go. There is a fair sized gap between the braces and skin. I am using 3m NVH between the two pieces. My plan was to use the port a power to push up the braces to meet the skin so the sealant isn't bridging a...
  7. Beechwood45789

    Instrument bezel

    I seem to remember several Phillips head screws from the backside and a couple 3/8 nuts, it was a little bit of a pain in the *** to do at the junkyard in texas summer laying in rat turds.
  8. Beechwood45789

    FOUND Jacked up 71+ Rally Gauge Bezel

    I have one I'll send pics when I get off work
  9. Beechwood45789

    Dog crap left on my hood

    Unbelievable. Must be mentally insane to stop and **** on the floor during a robbery. Not having plenty of guns is not an option. I have frequent problems where I live with homeless people and drug addicts coming on my property. Got some good stories on the subject but I don't want to get...
  10. Beechwood45789

    Dog crap left on my hood

    I sure hope that is the case. I'm waiting on security to get off their *** and look through the tapes. I will have never been so relieved to see a video of a possum shitting on my car. Ha.
  11. Beechwood45789

    Dog crap left on my hood

    I thought about that too, I shined my phone light looking for paw prints but didn't see anything. But on the other hand I do wonder if it would be as neatly placed if it was premeditated. I don't have any problems with coworkers that I'm aware of but I did have someone leave a passive...
  12. Beechwood45789

    Dog crap left on my hood

    Do any of you guys have problems with people hating your car? Seems like for every 100 people that love it, there's somebody who absolutely wants to rain hell on me for it and it's really disappointing. I come out of work today after pulling over time and some one left fresh dog **** on my hood...
  13. Beechwood45789

    Almost Ready for Clear!

    Looks great so far. I'm hoping to see this day soon for my bee. Any tips for spraying it fully assembled like this? I'm going to do it the same way.
  14. Beechwood45789

    69 coronet tail panel support question

    Makes sense. So out of everyone who has said their car has the brackets; do you also have the round filler hole cross member? Maybe when they switched designs to the oval they deemed the brackets unnecessary?
  15. Beechwood45789

    69 coronet tail panel support question

    Yeah, this time I want to learn first, then buy parts instead of the other way around.
  16. Beechwood45789

    69 coronet tail panel support question

    I'm learning more about this car every day.