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  1. 6PKRTSE

    1969 383 hp road runner. Engine

    Wow, close to mine also. Mine is 166
  2. 6PKRTSE

    Is this an original Mopar green?

    Doesn't look original from the picture. Looks closer to my 74' New Yorker Dark Sherwood Green.
  3. 6PKRTSE

    The Roach

    Purple and white looks awesome together.
  4. 6PKRTSE

    2023 Dodge Demon 170 Last Call

    If I could afford to buy one, the first thing I would do is go from the dealership right to the drag strip.
  5. 6PKRTSE

    The Roach

    Mine is roached also, but called the Roached Runner.
  6. 6PKRTSE

    Craziest Accident I ever saw...

    Mine is over built for safety #1 prioriy for a street/strip car with a 25.5 cage, 5 point harnesses, full fire suppression system, additional fire extinguisher mounted behind my seat on cage, window net, parachute etc.
  7. 6PKRTSE

    70 Road Runner project

    Where is the top portion of your core support? Probably should have welded one back in before paint?
  8. 6PKRTSE

    Lookie what $5000 buys you....

    I like them both. The beater look always gets my attention.
  9. 6PKRTSE

    AMD Bumpers

    I have five 70 Charger front bumpers and five or six rear bumpers. I wonder if I sent them all in for chrome plating Tri City would give me a price break.
  10. 6PKRTSE

    572 Hemi pushrods rubbing Cometic head gasket

    Yes, this is normal if you are running larger diameter pushrods. I had to clearance my head gaskets and some off of the heads on my Hemi.
  11. 6PKRTSE

    AMD Bumpers

    I have AMD bumpers on my Challenger. Fit and finish look great for my driver.
  12. 6PKRTSE

    Solid street roller cam discussion

    I broke my cam in for about 20 mins at various RPM's for about a half hour on the outer springs only. After break in I installed the inner damper springs. Broke in with zinc additive. Just been running conventional 10W30 ever since.
  13. 6PKRTSE

    70 Charger R/T S.E.

    Looks awesome. Nice job. It has alot of the options my R/T S.E. has also. I also have another 70' 500 S.E. as well.
  14. 6PKRTSE

    Solid street roller cam discussion

    True, I run a litlle ole .540 / 292 hft in one of my cars with a 440 with over 55,000 on it now.
  15. 6PKRTSE

    AMD Bumper Sale

    I was finally able to get a full AMD floor from Classic. Couldn't beat it. Classic had a sale. It was $249.99 and almost another $200.00 to ship, but it did save another one from going to the junk yard. From this, to a running driving sleeper.
  16. 6PKRTSE

    AMD Bumper Sale

    Which means nothing on sale, because they never have anything in stock...... lol.
  17. 6PKRTSE

    New Member from Ohio

    Welcome. I have a 70 Roached Runner also. Well, sort of. What's left of it. I have a blast beating on it.
  18. 6PKRTSE

    Here is a case where he should have stopped at the front end...

    I know most will disagree with me. However, that is one of my least favorite things about a 68 is the round tail/side marker lights. Better in 69'. Nailed it in 70. Side markers actually worked again. With that said, I have actually owned more 68's over the years than 69 or 70's though. All 3...
  19. 6PKRTSE

    FOR SALE 62-65 alterktion w wilwood discs

    $6300.00 now? Wow, mine was $3900.00. Well, actually free to me. Just some labor to pay for it.