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  1. cosgig

    New forum member. Live in Miami Florida. Acquired a couple of months back a 69 RR convertible 4 speed. Matching numbers. Restored.

    Now that is one incredible car, and we’ll worth the wait. Welcome to the wonderful world of FBBO, glad to have you with us. As for questions, just scroll down the home page and pick a category that your question would fit into, use the start a thread button and ask away. Questions to ask your...
  2. cosgig

    Just feeling this today.

    One of my favorite songs. Thanks for posting that, I needed to hear that again!
  3. cosgig

    WTB Any 1966 -67 Plymouths.for sale.

    If I was looking to buy, I would be all over this one like RIGHT NOW! 1966 Hemi Coronet
  4. cosgig

    1st Time moving under its own power in nearly 50 years.

    I’m absolutely in love with the car and it’s story, and I’m glad it’s now in good hands. I would love to see pics of the family the day you return for them to see it on the road. May I ask….where did those rims come from? They’re awesome!
  5. cosgig

    Has anyone had luck with the Ram Man?

    Yep, zero people skills. I would rather deal with Mobilparts Craig Studnick, or Dr Diff than anybody else.
  6. cosgig

    Do you have a "nose" for sniffing out cars?

    When you’re into cars for decades, you kind of get the reputation and skills that make cars and people come to you. I’m currently working on divesting a 40 vehicle collection, and I was approached at a big show recently by another longtime acquaintance to do the same for him, for about 50 cars...
  7. cosgig

    Thanks for adding me to your forum!

    Welcome from the Mitten state, glad to have you among us.
  8. cosgig


    Welcom from the Mitten state, glad to have you with us
  9. cosgig

    Hello fellow Mopar enthusiasts

    Welcome Robert, from the Mitten state, glad to have you with us. I see no shortage of 2nd generation Chargers for sale all the time, one from my neck of the woods that was actually pretty fairly priced. You may have better luck if you go for the Charger part first, then maybe do the replica later.
  10. cosgig

    Joe Dirt sold his Daytona!

    If I had the money, and I mean big money, I would buy cars like this and proceed to beat the crap out of them. I really don’t care about the perceived monetary value of cars, the real value is in the enjoyment of driving them.
  11. cosgig

    Bat **** Crazy Neighbor

    Let’s see, I play in a band with my next door neighbor, across the fence is Big Al, the best neighbor a person could have. He has a complete machine shop in his basement and fixes all manner of stuff for me. Across the street is GTO Mike, across the lawn is neighbor Chris, a sweetheart of a guy...
  12. cosgig

    Pictures of Your Car in Unique Places

    So, last year a few of us folks tried to have a meet up on Telegraph Rd down in Detroit, which is right by my childhood home. I drove my Roadrunner, and went by the old house. It was dusk, maybe too dark to fry a picture, but I had an idea which I’d like to carry out this year. This is a picture...
  13. cosgig

    Pictures of Your Car in Unique Places

    I’ve always liked this pic of my GTX, so of course I had to replicate it with my Roadrunner. But, it just doesn’t have the same feel as a black car with the undertaker coach house behind it.
  14. cosgig

    Backfire thru exhaust at idle

    Not To mention that the old round back 36a alternator puts out about 18a at idle, not near enough in todays world of adding lots of other electrical devices .
  15. cosgig

    Backfire thru exhaust at idle

    I guess I would suggest to get the 60a alternator, which is at the top of the wirings capability if you’re wiring is still the stock pieces. I am also wondering if you’re still running the single field alternator and mechanical voltage regulator. My guess on why this may have fixed the problem...
  16. cosgig

    Backfire thru exhaust at idle

    Check the spark plugs for a broken porcelain insulator. I’ve had this happen, popping through the exhaust. Replaced the timing chain, plug wires, gapped the plugs, went through the ignition and distributor, a lot of head scratching. Never checked to see if it had a broken plug, which it did. $3...
  17. cosgig

    Seat and Steering Sunday

    A rather rare color in my old GTX, and back when you couldn’t get any replacement pieces for it. I call it calico copper!
  18. cosgig

    Original Owner 68 Charger Daily Driver

    Way cool, I applaud the dude for keeping it real all these years, and I wouldn’t sell it either. They’ll be time enough for counting, when the dealing’s done!
  19. cosgig


    Yep, I did mine in the Roadrunner, and I’ve done a few others, including in my 66 Cuda. It’s a pretty easy job to do if you take your time. I think I did the Roadrunner in about 4 hours.
  20. cosgig

    How about just a random picture. NOT the entire car

    It never gets old!