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    For the guy who has everything

    That is WAAAAYYYYY freakin cool!!! :thumbsup:
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    Happy Birthday 69 Sleeper Bee

    HBD to the 69sleeperbee!!!!:bday:
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    Will a mud slide heal itself?

    Seeing the size and scope of the slide area, dirtwork with heavy machinery and maybe some terracing on the sidehills, along with top-seeding some kind of cover crop to help control erosion, might be the simplest way to go about it. You might seriously consider getting with your county's soil...
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    This Girl sure Know's How to Blow the Pipes

    Wonder what she could do.... with a good ol'fashioned kazoo!!!! :lol:
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    We're having a glazed donut party

    Crows are pretty darn smart......check this out.... NOVA | Do Birds Remember Faces? | Season 44 | Episode 20 | PBS
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    Bought any copper wire lately ???

    The good #2 automotive battery cable is now going for retail just right about $10 per FOOT!!!!!!!!! :eek: ....and I do agree that there needs to be some kind of "oversight" on these un-scrupulous scrap buyers. It sure would help to curtail copper & catalytic convertor thefts!!! There's more...
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    The not a meme meme thread

    Public Service Announcement
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    The not a meme meme thread it's finest!
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    The not a meme meme thread

    Fear & Loathing in...................Iowa! :eek:
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    The not a meme meme thread

    Hurry....while supplies last! :thumbsup:
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    The not a meme meme thread

    I'm not holding out on any great hope..... :lol:
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    Who has had Covid lately and has not had any shots?

    I have had both the initial J&J jab when it first came out, and a Moderna booster last fall. I just got over a case of the crud about a month ago..... I am so damn glad I got those shots, because it very well could've been a LOT worse than what it was.....but by no means was it fun in any way...
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    Cake, Yum Yum

    Congrats!!!! ....BTW, I just gained five pounds just looking at that yummy cake! :lol:
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    Flea market finds

    Found this at a yard sale last summer......for $5.00, I didn't think I could go wrong....
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    What's the best state to find/buy a classic car?

    The BEST state to buy a car in....... The state of "acute sobriety"....... :thumbsup:
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    FBBO Mug Shots

    I don't always grow a beard.....but when I do, I just let it go "feral". :p That way when I'm walking down the street, the bad guys can't tell me apart from a homeless person....therefore, less chance of gettin mugged. Appearing poor can have it's advantages :thumbsup: Besides.....I have no...
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    FBBO Mug Shots

    ....just remember......ugly is only skin deep, but beauty goes all the way to the bone!!! ...or is it the other way around....I'm old so I forget.....:BangHead:
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    FBBO Mug Shots can print this out, put the pic in the corners of your kitchen counter, and you'll never have any problems with cockroaches ever again...... :lol:
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    NOW AVAILABLE!!!!! New reproduction door locks w/keys for 1961-1965 A & B-body cars!!!

    We can't.....but, a local "competent" locksmith could re-key the tumbler in your ignition switch to match the new door locks :thumbsup: