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  1. Xp29h

    What are these 3 ign boxes and do I need them whit MSD???

    In the instructions for the msd, it states to remove the ballast resistor as the msd likes the voltage. I removed mine and joined the wires together.
  2. Xp29h

    Wakening a 1969 Charger from a Long Slumber

    Great combo… P51 and the Charger! Awesome it was able to be kept all 5hese years and now back on the road! Outstanding! Welcome from Maine! Great bunch here for all kinds of assistance!
  3. Xp29h

    Firearm Friday

    I certainly agree and a wise decision for weapons acquired without the 4473 form. But, if you had to fill out the form, the gestapo already knows what you got. Don’t forget about the timely canoe accidents or even “selling” them in your local magazines such as Uncle Henry’s here in Maine. But...
  4. Xp29h

    Firearm Friday

    Before I lost all my firearms in another freak canoeing accident, I used to have one of these.. not an original top bolt and short barrel and fire full auto but it was very nice, heavy and shot well! We had an older gentleman years ago came into the office and turned a real WWll Thompson in...
  5. Xp29h

    Where to hide msd ignition in a 1968 charger?

    i originally had mine like in post 9. But rewired the entire car and now it’s under the dash on passenger side. Not near kick panel but way up underneath. Easy because my car was missing the heater box! MSD boxes do not like heat! Keep away best you can!
  6. Xp29h

    Anyone streaming Tidal or Apple Music? Anyone using an app or software to record and playback music from those sources?

    Great to enjoy the music! We have a smart assed saying in the studio, “love the music” of course we said it sarcastically!
  7. Xp29h

    Anyone streaming Tidal or Apple Music? Anyone using an app or software to record and playback music from those sources?

    Bio, I’ve got a complete recording studio in my basement. Been doing it for a long time. I’ve used Protools recoding software but currently settled with Cubase pro vers 10.5. The reason I mention this is because when one is setting up the input recording parameters, one has a choice of...
  8. Xp29h

    Craziest Accident I ever saw...

    Crazy Lucky, both of them!
  9. Xp29h

    Dusty old dude from Texas

    Welcome from Maine! Very nice!
  10. Xp29h

    Gary Rossington Won't Be Down

    Whether one like, loved Skynyrd or not they were a huge part of the music scene and our lives growing up! Gary was a huge influence. He wil be sorely missed! Seems like we’re losing a lot of musicians lately. It sucks! Rest In Peace Gary! For the record, I loved Skynyrd!
  11. Xp29h

    When you spent the money and THEN they offer something that you like better....

    Back a few years ago when I did the complete retire, I went with a carbon fiber dash panel and all autometer gauges. They went in nice and work well. Not original looking but the car wasn’t original when I got it so I saved a couple of bucks going this route than redoing all the old or...
  12. Xp29h

    Your view on police chases.

    Let me start with this, One who has been in them, they suck! But if you let them go Scott free, you see more and more of them. That is a fact. We had a chief that let it be known we weren’t chasing. We had more and more vehicles fail to stop until he had to change the policy! The criminals run...
  13. Xp29h

    David Lindley Won't Be Down (dang)

    Rest In Peace!
  14. Xp29h

    Actor Tom Sizemore soon wont be down.

    Always liked his roles and the job he did. Certainly had his own battles in life! Rest In Peace!
  15. Xp29h

    These people got big balls... Or they are completely insane...

    I used to. Today id be right in the lumberyard! Quickly! Its a weird thing doing that. Your eyes need to be so far out in front of what your body is doing or else! watch first segment, this shows what I mean. If you don’t and pick the wrong path, he never makes it to the jump! Which in this...
  16. Xp29h

    I'll have a #8 to go.

    Stay away from the Bok “Choi” recipes!
  17. Xp29h

    Happy Birthday POPS1967GTX

    Have a great day!
  18. Xp29h

    Things you would like to say to the PO

    I actually had a conversation with the original owner! I was able to find him. Got lucky.. I asked him why he sold the car. He answered her could never fix, tighten up the steering after 3 box installations. I had already been all through it once I got it and knew what had taken place. So I...
  19. Xp29h

    Torque Converter Brands- good, not so good

    Not on your list but, I used these guys. Everything went well! Told them my set up on the stroker build and they matched up perfectly.. Great experience! Shop Transmissions, Torque Converters - RevMax Converters