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  1. JimKueneman

    1968 Coronet 500 Project

    Yes outside, no not recommended by Barry. Read the Perfect Paint Job in the FAQ on the SPI website. That is what I did.
  2. JimKueneman

    1968 Coronet 500 Project

    Enough whining about the rust and monologuing. Its time to get cracking on fixing the rust on the A100.
  3. JimKueneman

    1968 Coronet 500 Project

    After 4 restorations through the FABO and FBBO pages I’m trying something different for the A100s now I’m retired. Please subscribe out of pity if nothing else. They will get better I promise.
  4. JimKueneman

    1968 Coronet 500 Project

    I’ll stop by tomorrow. Taking one to get it inspected for a title.
  5. JimKueneman

    1968 Coronet 500 Project

    I want one as a tow vehicle for my other classics and the second I want to have a Barrett Jackson experience and see what a hot rodded 225 will bring.
  6. JimKueneman

    1968 Coronet 500 Project

    Well…. No. :rofl:
  7. JimKueneman

    1968 Coronet 500 Project

    Oops I did it again. Twice. Bought a pair of A100s, one is now home and also bought a rotisserie for this one. I am hoping to build both if the title for the one does not become a PIA. Follow along here 1966/'69 A100 Twins Build
  8. JimKueneman

    Fuel economy question...

    Yup. I have 2 fresh 318s that one is carbureted and tuned with AFR meter and O2 sensors the other is EFI. Similar gears, 2.94, in a Coronet and Duster. They get 12-13MPG on nice 65 MPH open roads and occasional freeway. The 360 I just built for the Valiant (similarly tuned) get 12MPG with...
  9. JimKueneman

    Gear Vendors OD

    The basic inputs to fuel usage and are mostly equally weighted - RPM (22% reduction should yield similar increase in fuel economy) - Engine displacement - Engine Volumetric efficiency (typically 75%/85% and hard to get into the 90's so this the the smallest bang for the buck as a 10% increase...
  10. JimKueneman

    A/C and full undercoating

    My 68 Coronet had AC and undercoating. I have the build sheet and I seem to recall back when I was researching it all the undercoating was part of a “protection” package that gave you undercoating, bumper guards and something else I can’t recall.
  11. JimKueneman

    What did you do to your Mopar today?

    Hate that job.
  12. JimKueneman

    FOR SALE MBM Brake Booster

    I tried to use this on my Valiant restoration but it hit the Commando valve cover trim pieces and I find a correct original. Never used only mocked up on the car. It’s yours for $350 OBO plus shipping. Hurry as I was at Barrett Jackson yesterday and saw a Superbird with one of these so it...
  13. JimKueneman

    Reasonable Time to Re-wire a Dash

    One of the OEM style replacement dash harnesses? It will take you longer to pull the glass and dash than swapping out the harness... If you have to pull the glass in a '71... not sure...
  14. JimKueneman

    coil for points

    Only if you use the ballast resistor that is suppose to be supplied with it, per the instructions. You really won't get a "better" spark until you go to electronic and use lower resistance of these type of coils. Myself I keep the resistor to limit the current the electronic system needs to...
  15. JimKueneman

    Sandblasting: What abrasives do you suggest?

    My gold standard. As I said above mix in some medium coal slag for heavy rust. The coal knocks the scale off faster than pure Starblast then the Starblast takes over to get down in the pits.
  16. JimKueneman

    Sandblasting: What abrasives do you suggest?

    Not to mention the Silica health dangers.
  17. JimKueneman

    Sandblasting: What abrasives do you suggest?

    My favorite mix is 3 parts medium coal slag to 1 part Starblast. I can sweep it up, screen it and run it through 2-3 times if I want. It is the best cutting I have found for rust. The opinion on the SPI group is crushed glass cuts even better but since "I am never restoring another car" I may...
  18. JimKueneman

    MOPAR Christmas

    Small Town Christmas show in my little part of Arizona. First time all 4 of our herd has been out together.