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    Parking Brake cable grommet

    Mega parts is the best! He’s always has the best prices! and gives the best customer service! I bought every single new part needed for my car from MEGA! I like the site because it’s simple easy to find everything you need!
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    70 charger tear down

    A lot of good people have helped me along the way with my charger on here. Your in the right place!
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    SOLD 1966 Dodge Coronet HEMI Resto Mod Sleeper

    That’s a beautiful car
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    1970 Charger Mock up

    Lots of good help here. Fred has been great to explain some stuff I didn’t understand and I’m almost there
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    1970 Charger Mock up

    Looking to hear how much of the car others have mocked up before paint. I’m thinking will put the glass in the car, door handels, dash, grill, weather stripping, head light assembly, rear bumper, weather stripping. I took it right down. I replaced the drip rails as well. Then I thought why...
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    SOLD 68 69 70 Charger parts lot

    PM you
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    Dash - Weld and Blast Media??

    I would put run off tabs on each side. Get the two broken parts in alignment tack each end with the tabs on. Place brass to grab the heat underneath. Start on the tab and weld through to the other tab. Flip it and back grind slightly put then use the brass opposite way.grind flush. It will be...
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    GERST suspension

    GERST suspension
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    Changes in Boys' Names over the Decades

    My kid was born 2016. It was a fight with the wife. I wanted Frank as a first name. I like the name. She wasn’t having it. We settled on Landon, and Garry for a middle name in case hates Landon. Garry’s a good name to. **** these new names.
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    SOLD Meziere Water pump

    What model is it
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    Year One shipping!

    I seen the 30% off sign. I found what I wanted all small items under under 10lbs. $64 USD savings. Total $594 USD. SHIPPING $136.64 USD to Alberta Canada. 90% off the stuff was not elegible for discount. I sent the list to MEGA PARTS. I support the smaller guy. You save more an and the...
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    This would be a nice tow vehicle

    They ride rough and the DEF is a night mare. If you delete the DEF it’s more reliable but the ride is awful. We got one for work. It’s as bad on the highway as it is in the mine
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    Pulled a stupid move. Now I have to pay for it.

    If it’s not to deep you can 3/32 stainless 309L Rod. If your able to see it you can strike and pull Away building it up untill you got a nub. Then weld a nut in and back it out. The flux flows into the threads. It won’t destroy them. If you drill it and hammer the easy out in take a rose bud...
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    Classic Industries Terrible Customer Service

    I don’t know if Mega Parts is doing the 71 cars. I have had zero problems with him or any of his stuff. His prices are on par or cheaper. No bad stuff, no wrong stuff sent. I will buy ever single peice to do my car from this guy to avoid the hassel. The smaller guys are better.This guy knows...
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    Has anyone purchased Legendary wheels magnum 500

    I have a brand new pair bfg radial T/A on them. Decided not to use them. There not rusting. I’m in a really dry climate not a lot of rain or moisture. No rust on them. They have been on the shelf for 7 years