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  1. ksurfer2

    The Meme not a Meme Thread Part DEUX

    It looks like some kind of gizmo to clean sand of off sidewalks by the beach. I cannot figure why you would need one where there is snow like that.
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    The Meme not a Meme Thread Part DEUX

    It was in the 90's here in Tampa yesterday. We skipped spring and jumped right into summer. :(
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    727 Torqueflite is leaking from oil pump housing.

    Can you identify where it was leaking? From the perimeter of the pump housing or from where the shaft goes through it? Having just gone through this, it could be one of a couple of things to try first to avoid a full rebuild. If it is coming from the shaft, it could be as easy as the shaft...
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    What Will It Run?

    After the NMCA event in Orlando this weekend, a new best was set with the car during testing: 60 1.439 330 4.202 1/8 6.557 mph 103.52 1000 8.628 1/4 10.408 mph 126.03 DA for this run was 261 ft. I ran the 10.50 index and qualified with a 10.523, but got bounced first round to...
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    Looking for car inspection company recommendation in Prescott, AZ

    I used Lemon Squad once and they did a very thorough job documenting the car with detailed photos and evaluating the mechanics of the car. I would use them again.
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    What Will It Run?

    Attached is my spreadsheet that shows progress and notes the changes made to the set up.
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    What Will It Run?

    Approximately .35
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    What Will It Run?

    Looking back to the first time that I posted when this thread started....11.787 at 116. I have shaved off over a second. Here is a summary of the changes made to get it there: 4.88 gears changed to 4.30 looser converter installed changed from solid flat tappet cam to solid roller with more...
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    What Will It Run?

    Good night at Thursday night Test n Tune last night in preparation for the Orlando NMCA event next week. Since last time out, a couple of more changes to the car. First, the trans now has a reverse manual valve body in it. I still need to sort that out. I much prefer the push to shift as...
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    Never Mind The Electric Cars.... Electric Buses??? Naaa...... Now It's Electric Scooters That Are Exploding....

    I have an e-bike that I use as a pit bike at the drag strip. It is perfect for that use. It is far lighter than a gas powered scooter so it is easy to load into and out of the trailer (even if the car is already in, or just put in the bed of the truck), a single charge on the battery will last...
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    Problem/symptoms/solution found!

    Yup.....I know that (now).
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    Problem/symptoms/solution found!

    Between the manifold and the carbs....yes, there are gaskets. The plates shown in the pic I attached came installed on the manifold. The leak was between those plates and the manifold, not those plates and the carbs.
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    Problem/symptoms/solution found!

    I had been struggling with a slowly worsening issue with my car. It has been running like crap, very hard to start and would not idle. I could keep it running at idle, but would immediately die when I put it in gear. When it would start it would rev way up to about 3,500rpm and then die. I...
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    Let's see some engine shots !

    In my 64 NSS car.
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    My First Weld

    A couple months ago, my Father-in-law gave me his old welder. I hadn't had a need for it until this weekend when I was installing a crankcase evac system in my car. This required some welding to the header collectors. Since this would not be visible, structural, or in any way need to be...
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    Name a cool car that's practical.

    Caddy CTS-V Wagon
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    Who Likes Ships? We Have Aircraft and Trains.

    My home during the late 80's USS Joel T. Boone. FFG-28
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    Got the Classic Backyard Buddy 4 post lift installed today...

    I am considering a lift for my garage, but have not decided between a 2 post and a 4 post. I do not need the lift for storage purposes. My questions....for those that have purchased a lift, have you regretted a 4 post lift and wished you got a 2 post, and vice versa. I like the 4 post, but it...
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    Is JEGS Legit?

    Most of the stuff I buy comes from Summit. Occasionally, I do buy from Jegs. Never had an issue.