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  1. TN Mopar

    Who sells custom factory style drive shafts?

    I used Doctor Diff and got a Strange Engineering driveshaft I upgraded to the hemi u-joints The cost was very reasonable and I was impressed with the speed in which it shipped and arrived
  2. TN Mopar

    Looking for a source for 66 /67 Charger inner fender splash guard

    the rubber pieces of the splash shield are available from Detroit Muscle Technologies look around the site There are complete kits for auto and manual trans cars as well as individual pieces this is an auto complete set for referrence...
  3. TN Mopar

    1967 Charger - Instrument Gauge Bezel- White Wire Connection

    you are looking for two white wires going into a single red connector Follow the green turn signal wires down to the harness bundle the white wires exit the tape there
  4. TN Mopar

    Best flowing heads for a big block

    The trick flows are widely known to be the best but they are expensive Pick the heads to match the Cam you are using if you arent using a 600 lift cam then you wont use the added flow of the trick flows the Eddys will handle a 500 lift cam just fine
  5. TN Mopar

    WTB Schumacher Creative Services '63-66 A-Body Big Block motor mounts.

    Schumacher Creative Services was bought out by Motech Performance in California They are supposed to be producing products again You can contact them here
  6. TN Mopar

    Sump gasket replacement

    since you are already pulling the clutch and flywheel just pull the engine. clean it all up inspect everything new gaskets then re-install it'll be so much more easy and more thorough
  7. TN Mopar

    3.90 Gear pattern

    I had my 8.75 rebuilt I chickened out and paid someone for a rebuild with Warranty I wanted the same gear set as the 3.91 I originally had there was no 3.91 gear set for a 741 case I had to go with the 489 case the 3.90 gear he used was Yukon my re-builder preferred them
  8. TN Mopar

    Anyone try the headliner conversion in your first gen charger?

    I have never seen one either Do you have a link?
  9. TN Mopar

    New Tank - Venting Question

    The Tanks inc tank came with a check ball and a y The Tank had a vent nipple added behind the pump shelf and the Pump itself has a vent These were y's together and mounted inside the filler door I used 6an line (3/8) for the vent lines and the return line 8an for the supply
  10. TN Mopar

    Fuel Pressure Gauge On 440 Six Pack?

    Unfortunately no I used the 6 pack years ago and I think I sold it for about $500 in the 90s (OUCH) I run a Tanks Inc EFI tank, an in-tank electric fuel pump, steel braided line & return line, and a Thumper Carb now
  11. TN Mopar

    Fuel Pressure Gauge On 440 Six Pack?

    The reason I said not to use a liquid filled gauge is the liquid gets hot that close to the engine and the gauges dont read well I went through several before I figured it out and 33 IMP is correct replace the hard line put a barb in the first brass block I made a hard line to replace the...
  12. TN Mopar

    Fuel Pressure Gauge On 440 Six Pack?

    I used this in front of the Carbs only don't use a liquid filled gauge
  13. TN Mopar

    Least $ power steering box ?

    I didnt use the Firm Feel Box I used the Steer & Gear Modern feel (For reference its the middle option between Stock and Sport) Coupled with a complete rebuild that included stiffening plates on the LCA, new pivots, new rubber bushings, new strut bars, new Torsion bars (PST 1.03) & new shocks...
  14. TN Mopar

    Radio installation, 66 Charger.

    Those brackets are getting harder to find A parts wanted ad might work But if it doesnt Plumbers strapping works
  15. TN Mopar

    'nuther 470 build

    My guess is yes even if you are able to close your hood you will have to use a low profile air cleaner with drop base Those air filters are a proven restriction to flow Count on putting an air scoop on your 65 I did it in steps and each stepped made my AFR leaner not greatly but noticeable and...
  16. TN Mopar

    66 Charger taillight molding gaskget

    Steele Rubber offers a catalog of rubber pieces each rubber has a cross section and measurements It is possible that if you took the time and went through the universal catalog, you might find something that will work
  17. TN Mopar

    'nuther 470 build

    I had the same question I run the .509 cam in my 440 with 75cc Edlebrock heads for 10.7:1 compression pistons .020 in the hole .027 Cometic gaskets (.047 Quench) installed on 108 center line I use 93 octane pump gas never had an issue with knocking I have even run 38 degree total timing you...
  18. TN Mopar

    66 Charger taillight molding gaskget

    Ahhhh no they dont and I know of no place they are available from as just the rubber but in this thread they compare the available chrome Surrounds for the Taillights One post says the rubbers come new with OER Surrounds...
  19. TN Mopar

    66 Charger taillight molding gaskget

    Detroit Muslecar Technologies is your friend for almost all rubber for our cars
  20. TN Mopar

    440 Source Repro 6qt Oil Pans

    I run the hemi pan on my 440 (re-pop from Mancini) 6 quarts including the filter initially the oil read a little low on the dipstick (after market chrome job) so I trimmed the dipstick tube off until the fill mark lined up with the oil mark