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  1. Bill Monk

    BEWARE: Kim Passion For Mopars

    Got mine from him, outstanding work
  2. Bill Monk


    There's no doubt that a 6bbl is more work to get tuned in and more expensive but in a street car they rock. Then there's the nostalgia factor, few things make the eyes pop like a 6 pack when you open the hood and anybody that has ever been in the passenger seat when a well tuned 6 pack kicks in...
  3. Bill Monk

    1966 Charger Radio

    Can't help with the radio but welcome aboard from West Virginia
  4. Bill Monk

    Veterans day

    Thank you! Semper Fi
  5. Bill Monk

    SOLD 69 roadrunner

    Yeah, life goes on ya know
  6. Bill Monk

    SOLD 69 roadrunner

    Guys I'm going to have to sell the roadrunner. Don't really want to but I'm between a rock and a hard place so it is what it is. VIN RM23H9G183144 Original 383 4 speed, now has a 440 6bbl, a dana rear end and an 18 spline 4 speed. Also original B5/white interior car. Car has the fender tag and I...
  7. Bill Monk

    Newbie to Mopar World

    Sweet! Welcome aboard from West Virginia
  8. Bill Monk

    Could use some prayers for my wife

    Sorry brother. I'll be praying, HE is still the healer!
  9. Bill Monk

    A little greeting form Norway

    Welcome aboard from West Virginia USA!
  10. Bill Monk

    Hello From Norway!

    Welcome from West Virginia. Awesome looking Charger there!
  11. Bill Monk


    Prayer sent! Be safe
  12. Bill Monk

    Welcome Wagon New Initial Post

    Welcome from West Virginia, good luck with the hunt. Semper Fi!
  13. Bill Monk

    My intro

    Welcome aboard from West Virginia. Wow, I wish I had a friend like that. Very cool car!
  14. Bill Monk

    Newb from the North

    Welcome from West Virginia. Best year for the charger imo!
  15. Bill Monk

    Hello FBBO

    Welcome from West Virginia, lets see some pictures please
  16. Bill Monk

    Fellow Mopar Lovers

    Welcome from West Virginia!
  17. Bill Monk

    Hi Everyone

    Outstanding! Welcome from West Virginia
  18. Bill Monk


    Very Cool! Welcome aboard from West Virginia
  19. Bill Monk

    New Member saying hello

    Welcome from West Virginia from a fellow RR owner. Post up some pics please!