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    A freak accident

    A loose nut holding the wheel Another member already has got ya beat, on the posting.
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    Mecum auction 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona.

    Watching the Mecum auction on the tv. A 1969 Hemi Dodge Charger Daytona just sold at $750.000 I think that was kinda low. What ya think?
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    FOR SALE CHROME MIRRORS Remote Control, Drivers Door 71-74 B Body Cars.

    Yes, i know. I wrote about that in the description. I added the words "pretty much" to further add to the description. Without having to write a dictionary page to the description. The mirror pictured on the left, is a 71-72 mirror, i know that.
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    FOR SALE RIGHT Side, REMOTE Controlled, Passengers Door Mirror. Mid Late 70's B Body??

    I have this RIGHT SIDE, (Passengers side) Remote Controlled door mirror, that has gotta be used on some "B" body car that i took it off of way back in the 1970's, or early 1980's, during my wrecking yard days. Don't remember what car it could have been, that long ago. I have been informed that...
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    FOR SALE CHROME MIRRORS Remote Control, Drivers Door 71-74 B Body Cars.

    I'v got four of these chrome, remote control, left door, drivers side, "Rallye" style mirrors up for sale. They literally have been in my closets for decades, and long overdue to find good new homes for them. The chrome on all of them is in good shape, not pitted, or flaked off. The glass isn't...
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    SOLD Right Side Door Mirror. 71-74 B Body Cars. Charger, Coronet, Road Runner, GTX. Super Bee.

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Over on the "E" Bodies site. I have this RIGHT side, (Passengers side) door mirror, that's for the 71-74 E body, Barracuda & Challenger cars, and also the 71-74 B Body line of cars. Chrome is in good condition, not pitted, and the glass isn't scratched. Passenger...
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

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    Upper Shock Washer P/N

    You got any wrecking yards close to you that still has old cars in them? Go there. You gotta drive to a hardware store, or wrecking yard anyway, so what's the difference where you go?
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    Single piston caliper troubles?

    You got those "anti rattle" shims on the back side of the pads too, adding to the total thickness of those brake pads, that you now have to also take into account for. Get out the sheet of sanding paper, on a flat surface, and sand down to fit. Your making a big mountain out of a little mole hill.