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  1. Cuddy

    Looking for info on my 69 charger

    thank you. the car is along way from that but I aperciate the advice
  2. Cuddy

    Looking for info on my 69 charger

    Yeah it would be nice but I dont have anything like that. The picture I posted have is how I bought it. I went threw all the other pics I have and there is nothing in them that would jog any ones memory, which is the reason for posting the vin number. Oh well I tried.
  3. Cuddy

    Looking for info on my 69 charger

    no more info other than NM on the title. A4 platinum is the original color 440, 727 black r/t black vinyl top
  4. Cuddy

    Looking for info on my 69 charger

    I don't have any pics of the car in NM. The title was from there. I also don't have a ton to go on but i was hoping a member from that area might recognize the vin.
  5. Cuddy

    Looking for info on my 69 charger

    pic is my avatar.
  6. Cuddy

    Looking for info on my 69 charger

    Hello I'm looking for info on my 69 charger. The vin is XS29L9B193668. I've decoded the fender tag but I'm looking for some history on the car I.E. old owner or original engine or trans. I bought the car from a place in Wisconsin but I believe it was from New Mexico. Any info is appreciated...
  7. Cuddy

    WTB Disc Brake spindle wanted 1971-72 B body 70-72 E body

    is this what you are looking for?
  8. Cuddy

    Orange ECU from Mancini?

    I bought one. Put it in my running 71 340 challenger and it wouldn't start with the box in it. Please please come back out with a usa made rev-a-nator
  9. Cuddy

    FOUND Wanted- Mopar B/E driver

    Selling a 70 road runner. Runs but doesn't drive. Way to much to list. 15k is the price. Car is in SC but we can work something out to meet half way. I have more pics for you if your interested. Car is super solid. pics of the build can be found in the photo garage section on here, under...
  10. Cuddy

    FOUND 65-70 b-body rear sway bar

    I have a Hotchkiss rear sway bar that I was gonna post for sale. the part number is 2255r. if it helps. I will sell it not interested in trades. Need to verify the part number when I get home. I believe it bolts to the rear of the axle which might be what you need
  11. Cuddy

    FOUND Super Bee or Road Runner

    I'm selling a 70 road runner for 15k. should be able to finish it your way for well under 50k. lots of new parts. super solid
  12. Cuddy

    WTB 1968-1970 roadrunner or gtx

    ramjam77 has 70 road runner for sale. it is been for sale for a while but can be seen on autabuy. the car is plum crazy pearl.
  13. Cuddy

    FOUND 3-71 383 block std bore

    Looking for a 383 standard bore block. date code 3-71 if possible. Standard bore and all caps is most important. In the Chicago land area is best. Thank you
  14. Cuddy

    WTB 68-69 Drag Car Potential

    not sure if he still has it but check out he as a 69 like what your looking for. Hope it helps
  15. Cuddy


    I have some valvetrain parts I'm not using. I have Milodon part number 45656-8 181 exhaust valves 150, Milodon 45650-8 208 intake valves 100 and Lunati 73815K2 valve spring kit 100. plus shipping to Seattle
  16. Cuddy


    valves, retainers, springs, seats, locks are all as they come from Edelbrock
  17. Cuddy


    up to 600 lift per edelbrock