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  1. ruffcut

    69 Plymouth B body Trunk lid lower rust repair panel.

    Basic rust repair in my neck of the world. No repair panels exist for that repair. You have to make your own. Wish you good luck with the repair. Take lots of before and after pics. Something I wish I'd have done. ruffcut
  2. ruffcut

    Don't know what to make of this

    Assembly lube!
  3. ruffcut

    Radiator shot

    I should add that the first one I got had a small leak after about 6 months and the company replaced it free of charge! ruffcut
  4. ruffcut

    Radiator shot

    Yes, very happy and it accepted the stock shroud as well. Bought from Ebay. ruffcut
  5. ruffcut

    Radiator shot

    I got an aluminum radiator from a company in Michigan or Wisconsin, can't think of the name right now and others may chime in, but if it were painted, you would be hard pressed to not think it was original. It has tanks that are like original and bolt in like original, and for only a couple...
  6. ruffcut

    Radiator shot

    HA! We have one in my little part of the world! ruffcut
  7. ruffcut


    A picture of the part in question may help to get a resolution to your problem. JMO ruffcut
  8. ruffcut

    A727 NSS

    I agree, may not be the NSS, but if in fact it is, then I would recommend you check with one of the transmission companies like A&A transmission or John Cope. Surely they can help you. ruffcut
  9. ruffcut

    roadrunner decal placement

    Take note of their relationship to the Roadrunner badge on the door. ruffcut And as was said, eyeball.
  10. ruffcut

    Reply to update '1970 charger pics' by 'ruffcut' on item 'My b bodys in nz'

    It takes a lot of determination to do what you have undertaken. I commend you! ruffcut
  11. ruffcut

    Rear end gear with 727?

    Many drag racers use a 727 transmission with 4.56 and steeper gears with no problems. Of course they are usually beefed up for racing, but still retain the same gear ratios as a stock 727. On a side note, my max wedge clone runs a 727 and has seen mph in the mid 130's. ruffcut
  12. ruffcut

    FOR SALE 15x8.5 Mopar slots

    A "set" or a pair?
  13. ruffcut

    Is the Transmission Pan Painted?

    Agree, bare metal. Your exhaust looks good by the way. Nice job cleaning! ruffcut
  14. ruffcut

    The Imperial runs in the 7’s & gets a new trailer

    Happy to see someone is having fun! Good for you. Another week here yet for the track at Beaver Springs to open. Hoping to get there for a T&T. ruffcut
  15. ruffcut

    Heads and Headers

    I ll say IT AGAIN!!!!
  16. ruffcut

    Heads and Headers

    Lots of unknowns on this one, but if you're thinking aftermarket aluminum heads, 440 Sourse stealth heads are probably cheapest and mimic the iron heads for use of stock valve train and so forth. Then as others have said, you can choose the right headers or even stock exhaust manifolds. ruffcut
  17. ruffcut

    Cheap-O seat covers?

    Years ago when I first built my Fury, I got some nice vinyl covers from JC Whitney. Not sure what if any they have these days. ruffcut
  18. ruffcut

    A833 tranny to 383 engine clutch alignment tool

    As post #2 says order one from Summit, the other will magically reappear! Works every time. ruffcut
  19. ruffcut

    Selling Question

    I'm not on it, but many in this area use facebook marketplace to buy and sell. ruffcut