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  1. SlinktRR

    Edelbrock AVS2 question

    I had a 650 AVS on a 71 383 HP it worked fine just gives up a bit at high rpm. Good street carb. If you look at the 650 and the 800 side by side they are different in that the 650 has tiny primaries and bigger secondaries while the 800 all 4 are equal size. The 650 is a very responsive carb with...
  2. SlinktRR

    This is certainly an interesting weather forecast for Friday.

    I've seen/heard thundersnow over NYC a few times when I lived in the Northeast, it might be more common there than in the Rockies because of the Atlantic. That report is odd though with 7" snow forecasted in late may. Meanwhile down in texas we having our warmest month of may in several years.
  3. SlinktRR

    Borescope recommendation

    Hey kiwi, what camera is that, is cameraFI the software and the hardware? I have a harbor freight standalone unit which is pretty decent but the resolution is not that good quality compared to the pictures you posted.
  4. SlinktRR

    GRaveyard Kars

    I'd rather watch dulcich and freiburger (roadkill). Mopar knowledge without the ego trip.
  5. SlinktRR

    Carb size for 512 stroker

    Are you going to dyno the engine? Most shops use a Holley double pumper 4150 like 850cfm as a dyno carb. Buy something bigger and bring it to the dyno and run them back to back. I use a 950 on something similar as what you have planned and it runs great, it ran fine with the shop 850 carb as...
  6. SlinktRR

    visiting Houston

    The hemi hideout in brookshire.
  7. SlinktRR

    STOLEN: 1972 Dodge Challenger in California.

    I would suspect a neighbor, not someone you know directly but someone who sees the car come and go on a regular basis. I had a pretty rare motorcycle stolen out of my garage one time it turned out to be a neighbor. A lot of people have cameras facing the street from their front door to catch...
  8. SlinktRR

    Carb Tuning problem

    I have a brawler 950 on a 499, I had to change the jetting pretty significantly from stock as it was lean everywhere so I dont agree with running out of the box. The fuel should only come up to the bottom of the sight glass, so I would adjust the floats. High levels in the bowl can cause problems.
  9. SlinktRR

    Anyone else listen to alternative rock?

    I listen to a lot of 60's 70's classic rock or 80's pop stations but it gets repetitive, I dont like local alt radio in texas it's also too repetitive with all the 90's stuff. I'm not big on spotify either, I prefer live DJ's that know the music. The only good alt radio in my opinion is on...
  10. SlinktRR


    Smh. But looking at those chick fil a drive through lines I am not surprised someone went nuts. I would never wait in line for that long to eat fast food. Maybe whataburger (Texas staple) which I do sometimes but even they have a nice app setup to order ahead and pickup without waiting.
  11. SlinktRR

    Do you run a air/fuel ratio meter in your carbed car....

    I'm holding out on getting one of these, too cheap I guess. I rely on plug readings. I use both edelbrock and holley carbs and have a good baseline for both setups and what the engine likes, the benefit of the AFR is not really worth it. More likely answer is I probably don't know what I'm...
  12. SlinktRR

    Oil viscosity?

    roller affords you the ability to pretty much run any modern oil after break-in, synthetic or conventional. Try to stay above the 10psi per 1000rpm (hot) rule and adjust your viscosity accordingly. I would guess 20w-50 would not be ideal unless the bearing clearances are large. I have a solid...
  13. SlinktRR

    Another “gift” from Albany!

    This is not enforceable, unless theres some sort of decibel threshold. Even then I don't see police enforcing it. Probably fake news. That said i wouldn't mind glass packs being banned.
  14. SlinktRR

    Slow crank when hot ? '71 GTX

    Yes my group 27 battery is 800cca and I've had it for about 8 years using the battery tender.
  15. SlinktRR

    CDB oil for arthritis ?

    Great discussion here. Yes CBD is not a cure for anything, cannabinoids work with a ton of different receptors in the brain, broad spectrum so the effect can vary. CBD started becoming more prevalent with its off label use for epilepsy in children (Charlotte's web is one of the early high grade...
  16. SlinktRR

    CDB oil for arthritis ?

    Are you talking about cannabidiol, CBD? It can be effective for pain, I have a friend who uses it to stay off oxy and other opioids. She has a severe pain disorder called RSD and it helps. The problem with cannabis is that it is mostly unregulated (wild west) so you can't be sure what you are...
  17. SlinktRR

    Edelbrock version of the 4150 carb

    This sucks, I'll just stick with the quick fuel.
  18. SlinktRR

    Edelbrock version of the 4150 carb

    I don't get this. Why would I buy this when I can get a Holley or clone? Is it a combo of a Holley and an avs? Side hung fuel bowls and metering rods?
  19. SlinktRR

    Rear leaf spring arc?

    very nice bee. the springs flatten over time. you can get the leaf packs re-arched at a spring and axle shop, the ones that cater to heavy duty freight. or just buy new but those leafs look like in good shape just flat.
  20. SlinktRR

    Green axle bearings

    I listen to Ehrenberg too, but not 100%. His stance on double pumpers washing down cylinders with excess fuel I don't agree for example, I've been having good luck with my carb tuning I guess.