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  1. smallie9

    Do you pressure wash your engine?

    I get some cheap foaming oven cleaner, spray it down, let it sit for a bit, light rinse followed with a wipe down, and your good.
  2. smallie9

    Repairing pulled frame openings used for tie downs

    Your not alone, I have numerous tears in mine as well. Car was only drag raced and never had any reason to attach to a rack.
  3. smallie9

    Upgrade or OE What would you do?

    Had same situation. I wasn't going to race it so I removed all the racing stuff and replaced with as much OEM as I could get. New 3:54 gear, stock ex manifolds,went with OEM electronic ignition and upgraded dual master. I have the direct drive starter, but opted for high torque mini. Now I can...
  4. smallie9

    Three Dodge build sheets.

    Broadcast sheets still available. Would not mind finding the 68 Charger either, maybe get it back.
  5. smallie9

    How about just a random picture. NOT the entire car

    All the controls required.
  6. smallie9

    Lets see all the cool 66-67 b-body mopar pictures.!!

    That car does not need anything!
  7. smallie9

    FOR SALE DANA 60 Detroit Locker

    Sorry, I will get you that answer and post it, kinda important stuff I reckon. DUH!
  8. smallie9

    FOR SALE DANA 60 Detroit Locker

    I have a DANA 60 Detroit Locker and 4:56 ring and pinion for sale. The items are lightly used with no excessive wear or damage. I count 30 splines on pinion and 35 splines for the axles. Items only removed to put stock set up in my car. Asking $550.00 OBO plus the ride from 48002.
  9. smallie9

    No dash pad 1966 Coronet?

    I have a base WE radio delete with a dash pad. You have a dash grill with AC vents, base model with AC? It seems like a bunch of work but I imagine the holes were filled.
  10. smallie9

    TEMP GAUGES....both not working!

    OK, I removed all teflon from threads, checked sending units and they are working. Checked continuity from water pump housing to engine block, and other items on engine (thought gaskets may separate (aluminum) water pump housing from engine continuity) all good. Started engine and made sure no...
  11. smallie9

    TEMP GAUGES....both not working!

    I have a 66 Coronet with two temp gauges, the stock one in dash and an extra under dash, both electrical gauges. The sending units are new for both (each has own unit) and all the electrical in the engine compartment and under dash is new. The stock dash gauge will move ever so slightly as the...
  12. smallie9

    SOLD AeroMotive SS fuel pump

    I will let you know.
  13. smallie9

    SOLD AeroMotive SS fuel pump

    Sorry for not replying, been away for a while. The pump is available, the part number is shown with the paperwork photo, I will have to check about the mounting bracket, and I am about 50 miles north of Detroit.
  14. smallie9

    SOLD AeroMotive SS fuel pump

    Part number is 13301, shown with instructions in first photo.
  15. smallie9

    SOLD AeroMotive SS fuel pump

    Good used electric fuel pump, new filter, and used pressure regulator. Recently removed from running car to replace with stock mechanical pump. This pump works perfectly. Asking $200.00 OBO, plus ride from 48002.
  16. smallie9

    Lets see all the cool 66-67 b-body mopar pictures.!!

    As a Michigan resident... I say "Well get er goin, don't you know warm weather is on the way, maybe August or so" ,
  17. smallie9

    Replacing lost broadcast sheet

    Contact the Chrysler Historical, they may have something. Read the following.
  18. smallie9

    Position of Twin Post

    Hope these help. Taken from drivers side (US) measurements are in inches.
  19. smallie9

    SOLD Parting 66-67 Coronets

    Mainly need two for the rear, but will take four if you have them. Ship to 48002.
  20. smallie9

    SOLD Parting 66-67 Coronets

    Hey Joe. How about some seat belt bolts?