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    Name that tune

    I'm not always right but I've never been wrong
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    Hello ALL!

    Nicely done Welcome from the PDR of Md
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    Very Proud, I will have a marine recruit in the family

    congratulations Two of my sons went in together. They stayed for 8 years. Best thing they they ever did. Made stand up men out of them. Both used the gi bill graduated college and have great jobs. Very proud father The Parriss island graduation is unforgettable
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    I am a bid fan of the working class dogs which include the newfoundland, beautiful dogs. The general temperament of this class is like those newfoundland you have. after my two bernese/Pyrenees mixes passed i was looking for those or a couple leonberger dogs but couldn't find any. So I found...
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    Double lung transplant

    Good luck to you Trust all will be well
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    Let's See Your 71-74 Chargers

    Here is my 72 Just got the hood, I mean like 2 hours ago. I will paint it matte black and keep the other color as I can see it. I am partially color blind. Got it from AAR/stinger, very happy with it Its reinforced so I can use the original hinges and latching stuff. I will lighten the springs...
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    Front End FRIDAY!!!

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    check this out Merlin v12 start up

    Saw this on YouTube Pretty cool Be neat to have one
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    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Went to Jimmie Cone. Every first and third Saturday is a car show. Really just get together, everything shows up. Its alot of fun. Scored a set of 1966 tags for Ruby when she's done
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    A drawback of being Nordic.

    My family is from the Holland we immigrated in the 1500s. The bloodlines stayed pretty pure as my son did one of the DNA tests. I don't have that issue with that finger. But I do have one with a middle finger that pops up on occasion for certain circumstances
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    Welcome Wagon

    Welcome from the PDR of Maryland
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    Thanks Roger I did not, looks like a stand up member to me
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    I havethe Gary sheridan is following me message too
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    When big dogs think they're lap dogs.

    I love the big furry dogs from the working class. Like the newfoundland, bernese and Pyrenees I have a bernese and a Pyrenees I wanted a leonberger and a newfoundland also but that didn't happen
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    Memorial Day

    My father's medals, he is now in Arlington My two youngest just home from Parris Island back in 05
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    Plymouth dusters ?

    Dusters are cool My middle son has one. Pulled the 6 and put a stroked 360 in itwith a 727 and strange axle. Left the body all primers. Its a real sleeper. Tied the body all together with connectors and a roll cage. Fun to drive
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    Words our parents said....

    Those are more responses then Carter has liver pills Or what ever you want to put in front of Carters liver pills
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    2022 Carlisle thread

    I'll be going since its fairly close,only 1.5 hours away But I'll be driving my truck hoping to bring stuff home Saturday probably