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    FOR SALE Beautiful 1967 383 Plymouth Exhaust Manifolds.............$275.00

    I will consider offers on these? They are very nice = Pictures do not do them justice!
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    SOLD Very Nice Shock Plates fit 8 3/4 and 9 3/4 Housings $95.00

    Two sets are now sold. I am sending close up HD pictures to them for inspection prior to shipping them on Friday. The third set is nice as will. NO Pitting/Rust/Dings/Damage. It does have minor scuffs where it looks like they used a impact on it a little too agressively under where the nuts...
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    Hotter spark plug for my 75 318

    Recommend RN14YC
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    FOR SALE Nice set of Plymouth Bottlecap Hubcaps

    I stil have around 150 Intact Thermoquads left at my shop. Send me the numbers you are looking for as I am elderly and do not have the time and ambition to go thru and list them.
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    FOR SALE Nice set of Plymouth Bottlecap Hubcaps

    Here is a very nice set of poverty caps They were on my 1968 Valiant when I bought but I do not know what year they came on. Very Nice but one has a minor scuff that might polish out fine (see picture) $140.00 Plus $25 Priority Air Shipping Insurance
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    WTB Centerline Autodrag pair 14X6, 15x6 BBP

    I have a pair of nice Centerline Auto drag 15 BBP I will measure them tomorrow = I can not remember if they are 15/6 or 15/7 $225.00 for the pair. I am in Nevada and they are pretty light so shipping would not be a fortune.
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    Advance springs correct?

    They look stock to me. Back in the 60's I would remove the heavy spring and just run the light one if I had a bit larger than stock cam.
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    727 tranny rebuild opinions

    That trans will be OK AND you can upgrade the internals with HD pieces I do have a 67 HD trans that is out of a 1967 RT that has been sitting for 40 years with the HD stuff and all original =$275.00 plus shipping
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    Here is an excellent interview with Mopar racer Paul Rossi

    His advice was very helpful and I learned a lot of info from him. Much of it very Secret Squirrel!
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    Here is an excellent interview with Mopar racer Paul Rossi

    I race his old 80 Aspen currently in NHRA superstock Nationally. He hung out and advised us at Winternationals this year and advised us. My son and I both got down to last 4 cars in Stock and Superstock.
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    FOR SALE Beautiful 1967 383 Plymouth Exhaust Manifolds.............$275.00

    These were removed for Headers when my 1967 Satellite 383 4 Speed was converted to Hooker Headers in 1967 when it was a few months old. Driver's side = 2532626 Passenger side = 2532464 Date code= 10/18/66 (Appears on driver side) No rust /No scrapes/ No Damage Period or...
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    SOLD Manley 2.02 Severe Duty Pro Flow Intake Valves

    Brand New in the Original Box. Plastic never Unwrapped. These have been on my shelf for 15 to 20 years~~ The older Manley Valves are hands down the best Materials and Manufacturing that I have ever owned. The newer Chinese sourced materials are far inferior that they have used the last 8 or 10...
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    SOLD Performance Prepared 340 Block

    Sold As Is to one of my friends on A body forum!
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    Tranny swap . Rebalance?

    It is internally balanced and no change will be needed. Be sure it is drilled for the pilot shaft bushing. If not - I think you can get a special pilot bushing that is smaller OD. The crank is hard to drill out if not factory drilled to correct size!
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    FOR SALE Final Few Carter AVS Carbs. I have Left

    ONE 4638S (appears to be off Stick) One 4638SA (Appears to be off Auto) These are nice carbs with tight shafts/Complete/Everything working! In storage for 40 plus years = Not swap meet junk!
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    Tranny swap . Rebalance?

    It they are neutral balance (Internal) =rebalance not needed If engine is a external balance engine IE 360 440 castcrank or 6 Pack or some other cast cranks = the flywheel should be balanced with same amount of offset weught rthat the convertor had. the flywheel manufacturers should be able to...
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    Big block 727 trans ID needed

    Does PK mean it is out of a Police Car?