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    Question for rebuilding leaf springs

    I believe the inter-liners are made of zinc, the zinc acts as a lubricant to prevent dry squeaking. The cheap ones are galvanized steel, the good ones are pure zinc.
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    489 suregrip. Thrust button missing?

    Or the pinion preload is too tight. They are only supposed to be around 20inlbs or so (don't have the manual in front of me) turning torque. As just mentioned a 3 year old could turn it.
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    Very cool!!!!! Where in NY?
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    WTB 1970 Coronet Rear Window Interior Moldings

    There are no plastic pieces. There is the rubber piece that staples on the package tray and then a long single piece of "F" channel that pushes on the window pinch weld. 69-and down used a 2-piece F-channel set up and a retainer piece at the top of the rear window. Jeff
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    1970 Super Bee Project

    I meant on the 440 block. Thanks, Jeff
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    1970 Super Bee Project

    Congrats of the V-code! Welcome to the club! What's the VIN on the 440?
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    440 six pack heads

    Are you sure the six pack motor is a 69?
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    WTB 1970 Coronet Super Bee Pitchfork hood scoop hardware

    The Phillips head screws are really the only specialty type of screw because of the threads and tip, but realistically you could use a Phillips head machine screw. The speed nuts can be had at any hardware store and the two rivets that hold the rain gutters on are common as well. I don't know of...
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    Carb Tuning problem

    On the clear sight glass bowls, you set the float halfway in the glass. For the older carbs you would pull out the plug and wiggle the car until fuel seeps out.
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    Any 6 pack tuners near St Louis

    I am assuming messing with three carbs, being a balancing act.
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    Any 6 pack tuners near St Louis

    What's going on with it? There is a lot of information that can be had over the internet/forum from many knowledgeable members. Do you have a wide band 02 in the car?
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    WTB Looking for a Nice 1970 Coronet Valance Trim Molding

    I assume you are looking for an original piece. They do repop them. I may have an original. Jeff
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    1970 Super Bee Fender Tag Decode Help

    That's my cars brother... I'm 136175, same build date. 9/29
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    SOLD 440 six pack

    Ok, thanks. I was hoping they were production line 70 carbs.
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    SOLD 440 six pack

    Can you post photos of the rear of the carbs where the part numbers are?
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    Supposedly a 70 RT track pack car, any input on errors or value?

    The F440 1970 Block is probably worth 1500.00 or so. What is the date code on the block? If it was a six pack rotating assemble it would have the odd externally balanced harmonic balancer and the pistons would have the valve reliefs. Post the VIN of the block if you can. The 1970 aluminum 130...
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    SOLD 1970 Coronet bumper and mounts.

    I believe that is for a 70 Plymouth, not Coronet.
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    WTB 1971-72 B body 70-72 E body spindle

    I believe I have a pair, if you don't have any luck finding a single let me know. Jeff
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    1970 Satellite Power Steering Gear question

    I have a couple of used units if interested.