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    Name the Color

    Would one determine that the dd1 code has any sort of variant in 64 ? Or is that the same colar as the uu1 code for 68 ?
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    Rode around in a new Grand Wagoneer.

    Did you feel like a pimp ?
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    Oi !

    Let’s see all those mopars from any where not the USA
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    Old days

    71 quad cab Plymouth satellite is one of those cars I really want.
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    Hello from France !

    I’m reading post from the toilet in Cali!!
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    452 heads

    I had heard that about that manifold. But 95% of what that guy says is bull ship….. So to get the best out of that 440 I’ll need a different intake
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    452 heads

    10cc seems like a significant amount. What I am wondering here is. Can I just shave the heads on my mh 440 to make a nominal gain ? I already have some headmens going on it and an edlbrock sp22p440 (whatever). I’m sure the factory cam is shit. But what’s going to bring the numbers up better...
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    452 heads

    I’ve read that 45k only raised compression a half a point ish. So I figured with 50k and a thinner gasket (mls). Would probably only net me 3/4 of a point. But that in itself should be an easy 50ish go. Idk really know all the numbers and stuff. Just rounding everything off that I’ve read.
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    452 heads

    Does any one have any experience in shaving a set of 452 heads ? How much would I have to shave them to gain a point of compression ? 50k ? I’ve read they’re a decent head. I was just thinking I could pull the heads off have them shaved run some mls head gaskets. Maybe slide in a cheap cam. Just...
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    Hill Billy do what hill Billy does

    Now we have harbor freight !!! Lol
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    Hill Billy do what hill Billy does

    Good point Don Frelier !! Wasn’t always that way. But then again I didn’t have that sweet stool either !!
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    Hill Billy do what hill Billy does

    But seriously….. who puts an a/c bracket under a thermostat housing ?!?
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    Hill Billy do what hill Billy does

    I don’t have this tattoo that says hill Billy for nothing !!!
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    To all you Truckers out there . . .

    The D fity no I have not joined trucks only. At first glance I thought it was a spin of. Of farmers only…
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    How much time to replace a 318 w a 440 68 coronet

    1 and a half hours for motor and transmission. 13 hours and 45 minutes for headers
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    Should I remove Air Conditioning?

    I agree with runner 68. Plus it’s hella manly to sweat your balls off in your mopar. At least that’s what I’ve told myself through out the years.
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    Full frame ?

    That’s what I assumed. But I’ve never fooled around with a C-bodies. Only A+ and B+ bodies. Never A C- body. My lady’s crown imperial is a full frame. It’s a 64 how long did they continue as full frame ?
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    Full frame ?

    My brother is wanting to put his spare twelve valve in a 66 polara. I know some where in there they went from a B-body to a C-body. Does that mean they went to a full frame ? Him and I have been discussing weights and what nots. What would have to be done to make the polara have a happy...
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    What year did they fix the 8 3/4 problem

    And that’s what you call educated.