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    Polygraphite PST Suspension

    I pm,d you but your inbox is full? James From PST
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    Polygraphite PST Suspension

    Our bushings will not squeak once installed. Prior to installation we recommend applying the grease included with our bushings. But once installed you will have no noise issues based on the make-up of our bushings. If you have an question please reach out to me. I would be happy to answer any or...
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    Lower control arm shaft and bushing kit?

    Can you post a picture of what you received? Are you sure that proforged is not installing the bushing into the outer sleeves prior to sending them out now?
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    Front discs for 14" wheels?

    The Leed brake kit use the stock drum brake spindle. The caliper is Kelsey Hayes designed similar to what was used on the early mopars (4 piston factory disc brakes) and early mustangs. Thanks James From PST
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    Parts Cheaper on Ebay???

    We have an ebay store but all the pricing is the same as on our website and in our catalog. Unless it is a scratch/dent item.
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    Drum to disc conversion kits

    Depending on what you want we have many kits to choose from. Either power or manual and all work with 15" wheels. We also offer Wilwood and as a member of the forum you will be eligible for the FBBO discount and free shipping within the US 48 States. Disc Brake Conversion James From PST
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    B Bodies Only Member Discount

    No as stated in the memorial day sale ad can not be combined with other offers. James From PST
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    Shock Absorber Recommendations?

    Here is a link to get started: Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks James From PST
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    Manual steering box

    Thank you my mistake. I made the correction James From PST
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    Manual steering box

    All the steering boxes that we offer are brand new production and carry a lifetime limited warranty for as long as you own your vehicle against craftsmanship and material. We have them 16:1, 20:1 or stock 24:1. Plus as a member of the forum you would be eligible for the FBBO discount and free...
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    Upper bump stop

    I would inspect your lower control arm bushing first prior to adjusting to make sure the bushings are not worn out. That can cause ride heights to be different from left to right in the front.
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    PST UCA/LCA Stiffening Rebuild Kit - 72 440/MT B-Body

    If you have any questions about our products please let me know. The lower control arm rebuild kit are great way to add strength back into your original control arms without breaking the bank. I have personally installed all the products that you have mentioned. So please feel free to reach out...
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    Shock Absorber Recommendations?

    It would all depend on what kind of ride you want and your budget. Based on your previous post above a good quality shock like a Bilstein would last you a number of years and be a good investment in overall ride quality. Opinions and options are across the board on this forum. You will find many...
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    Conversion to Power Brakes

    The master/booster should be a basic bolt in if it included the prop valve. Only thing you may have to do is re route some of your brake lines. If you have single piston calipers on the vehicle now they are more than like based off the 73-76 A body disc brakes. Most if not all the parts...
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    Lower control arm shaft and bushing kit?

    How can the bushing walk its way out? There is a shoulder on the pivot shaft?
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    Qa1 lower control arms

    I would closely inspected your lower control arm bushings. I wouldn't be surprised if the bushing material is missing between the pivot shaft. James From PST
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    Lower control arm shaft and bushing kit?

    With poly bushings properly installed and strut rod correctly in place the pivot pin would stay in place. Would you drive your car without strut rods? You don't. So saying the lower control arm bushing in rubber is partially designed to hold or center the lower control arm is not true. Without...
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    Finishing Lower Control Arms

    Once out of the vinegar you will will want to neutralize any remaining vinegar with a solution of baking soda and water. Then thoroughly dry them and use compressed air in the hard to reach places. This will stop the flash rusting. If you are not painting them immediately spray them down with...
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    Lower control arm shaft and bushing kit?

    I would have to respectfully disagree. What holds or centers the lower control arm is the strut rod as that is was it is designed for. The bushings in no what shape or forum is designed to hold or locate the control arm in place. The bushings is designed to do exactly what the name states. If...
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    1972 Plymouth Road Runner 440/4Spd - Torsion Bar Replacement

    We used to offer varying sizes of torsion bars, but over the years we found our 1.03 to be the most popular among the B & E bodies. They are ideal for customers looking for firm and modern feel that is not harsh. Plus as a member of the forum you would be eligible for the FBBO discount. We also...