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  1. 64fury74charger

    Blinker staying solid not blinking

    I did a complete led x- over on my Charger and tried several led compatible flashers with no joy. Finally found one that works great but you have to reverse the wiring at the flasher. Has worked great for almost 2 years now. Maybe try flipping the wiring .
  2. 64fury74charger

    I'm going back to manual adjustment on my 11" front drums ('68 GTX)

    Interesting how touchy those brakes are. Be safe.
  3. 64fury74charger

    I'm going back to manual adjustment on my 11" front drums ('68 GTX)

    Wow. Are you considering a disc set up for the front? I am not trying to argue about which is better because that’s up to each person. I was just thinking maybe fewer parts and maybe some half decent choices for pads. Seems like a lot of work here and here it is apart again. Just asking not...
  4. 64fury74charger

    Rant: I hate chrysler

    I gladly pay my favorite local shop to do anything needed on our Hearse and that vehicle is just turning 35k and has the Nutstar motor. I made it clear to my wife when we acquired this beautiful vehicle. Never a problem with that.
  5. 64fury74charger

    Rant: I hate chrysler

    Now that this thread has calmed down some I am throwing in my 2 cents on the well designed mopar engine’s of the day. The bb motor was designed to be somewhat user friendly at the track between runs. Dry intake only 8 bolts away, external front mounted oil pump for quick access to either...
  6. 64fury74charger

    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    Thank you for your time and energy to make this wonderful trip happen. Thank you for taking us along and sharing these wonderful memories with us. I am really looking forward to reading your numbers breakdown and your summary of how the RR performed and any other information from the drivers...
  7. 64fury74charger

    For Sale -*Not Mine*- 74 Charger 1 owner Barnfind

    That’s known as “ go to green “. Readily available and easy to match. Lol
  8. 64fury74charger

    Rust free dessert 71 Charger R / T project.

    That’s a beautiful 3rd gen Charger, what color are you thinking for this one??
  9. 64fury74charger

    My 1978 Dodge Monaco 4 door sedan.

    This is a great opportunity for you to learn as you progress and we all started somewhere. Review the information for your plans and look over the car and then jump in and take your time and lots of pictures. Many times over the years I wished there were so many easy ways to track any job with...
  10. 64fury74charger

    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    Wow Hawk Rod, What a trip this has been. Talk about making memories this has been a fantastic journey to have the privilege to follow along and see all the pictures. Thank you,thank you and thank you for sharing this with us.
  11. 64fury74charger

    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    Fantastic pictures and lots of history. Amazing what the auto industry has been able to put on the road. Once again thank you for your time and patience to allow everyone to ride alongside on your road trip.
  12. 64fury74charger

    71 charger 383 to 472 gen 2 engine swap Schumacher mounts

    Was the car originally a small block? Someone will correct me if I’m wrong but the right inner fender may be different and sit in closer to the engine. Just my 2 cents.
  13. 64fury74charger

    Let's See Your 71-74 Chargers

    These projector led lights are definitely a very good improvement in overall lighting. The cut off line is clear and the width of the coverage is enough to see across 4 lanes without blinding anyone. My 2017 Camry has projector lights and I swapped in led bulbs and the chased down some for the...
  14. 64fury74charger

    Let's See Your 71-74 Chargers

    She is affectionately known as “Lady V”. The V is for Violet. My wife named her and it has stuck. 400 b and revised 727 with 3:55 posi in back. Nothing else handles quite like this Charger in my humble opinion and experience.
  15. 64fury74charger

    Wheel Wednesday

    A/R for mine
  16. 64fury74charger

    Aeromotive in tank pump died, is this pump a flow through??

    The answer is yes. An fittings are real easy to use and seal good too. I was able to fire up the Charger and moved over on the blacktop so I can change out the seats. I am going to have to fabricate a new mount for the external pump but that’s not going to too bad and put some isolators in...
  17. 64fury74charger

    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    Fantastic scenery is everywhere and it looks like you are having fun and the car seems to be holding up quite well. Keep posting pictures please because you know how it works and this forum lives for pictures.
  18. 64fury74charger

    Production number on 73 Charger 400 4sp

    That’s a beautiful Charger, b bodies rock
  19. 64fury74charger

    New truck drivers

    What I am referring to here is if your vehicle has a malfunction or something and suddenly slows down in front of my rig. I would keep on moving and not make any sudden changes in direction or braking because that’s going to be a real mess. The other advantage is on the highway weigh stations...
  20. 64fury74charger

    Hawkrod 'RoadKill' Cross Country Trip 2022

    When you look at the long list of what you did to the car and pretty much zero shake down prior to going on an extended cross country road trip I would say your car trouble’s have been very few. This speaks to how serious you are about any task you take on. How detailed your plan is for...