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  1. Imperial One

    Imperial Love

    I sold my three 1973 Imperials to Jackson last year. Here are the two black ones, and I must say they look sensational! The one car is triple black and other other is "Tuxedo" (black with a white interior). Check out Jackson's thread over at FCBO...
  2. Imperial One

    Holy Roller

    Holy Roller is a World War II Sherman tank that has been on display in my community for nearly 75 years. It is a D-Day veteran, having rolled off the transport 45 minutes after the invasion began. It fought through Western Europe all the way to the end of the war. They apparently never lost a...
  3. Imperial One

    Something you don't see every day.

    This house backs onto my son's home. Apparently the foundation failed. It would have been worth $800,000 - $1,000,000 if the foundation was sound. I guess the lot will still be worth $500,000 or so, but nevertheless.... And this is something not covered by insurance. Ouch!!!
  4. Imperial One

    Importing an old Mopar from the USA to Canada

    I recently bought a 1967 Coronet from Havasu Dave on this forum. See this thread: and this one: I was asked by @slepr1 to...
  5. Imperial One

    Dave Wheeler's Garage - Dutton, ON - car show - May 28, 2022

    Some of you know Dave Wheeler. For many years Dave operated Wheeler Automotive in Dutton, ON. This past year Dave's wife died, and after that he decided to pack it in. He's closed the business and retired. He decided to have one last (all makes) car show. Dave, among other things, owns the well...
  6. Imperial One

    It's arrived.

    More photos to follow. Just got it off the truck. In my driveway!!!
  7. Imperial One


    We had a good one today. 8 hours later and our electricity is still out. These photos taken within a couple blocks of my house. No damage at my place but I am worried about our freezers. We have 2 fridges and 4 freezers (for 3 people) My wife likes to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. It...
  8. Imperial One

    Hurtling its way to me!

    I bought this car from Forum Member "Havasu Dave": Yesterday Dave met the transport and loaded the car for the long trip from Havasu City, AZ to London, ON Canada (2,225 miles according to Mr. Google). Dave was...
  9. Imperial One

    My "exciting automotive" purchase today.

    Yes, thinking about snow removal for next winter already. We used to contract it out but my long term contractor died and his son was useless. So we just bought a used skid steer with only 290 hours on it. $58,500 $CDN + tax. It included the plow with wings, snow tires, a bucket and pallet...
  10. Imperial One

    For the gearhead who has everything: over at BAT
  11. Imperial One

    Leonard Wheatcraft funeral

    Quite a send off.
  12. Imperial One


    @Boydsdodge Sent me this photo. Jackson just got back from the Spring Fling in LA where he took this photo. Must be nice. Is the owner of these cars (Sean from Palm Springs) a forum member?
  13. Imperial One

    The Beast is unleashed!

    As I wrote here yesterday I am not so patiently awaiting the arrival on my recently purchased '67 Coronet RT. In the meantime I do have something to drive. Got it out of storage today: 2019 Dodge Challenger...
  14. Imperial One


    After over 10 years since last owning a B body (long story short - I only owned it for a few weeks and never drove it) and after over 40 years since last owning and driving my own B Body I am again joining the ranks of B body owners! Thanks to Havasu Dave for selling me his 1967 Coronet RT! I...
  15. Imperial One

    Another good article at Hagerty: Avoidable Contact #146: The real deal on dealerships in 2022
  16. Imperial One

    Good article over at Hagerty: Do Mopar’s famously wild colors bring more money at auction? Curious yellow...
  17. Imperial One

    Has anyone here bought a car at a Mecum auction?

    I am looking hard for a B Body. Many interest me and I have been bidding/inquiring about quite a few. I'd be happy with almost any B body from '63 to '70. I've bid on a nice '68 Hemi Roadrunner and a nice Hemi Belvedere II. But a car on Mecum has really caught my eye: The appeal to me is: 1...
  18. Imperial One

    One hundred trillion dollars!

    Let's here your finest Dr. Evil impersonation! I have an MBA with a specialization in finance and accounting. I'm a bit of a student of economic history and in 2010 I bought these: I also have some from Yugoslavia. I have been looking to add some examples from the Weimar Republic but...
  19. Imperial One

    Been listening to Frank Zappa this morning.

    Hey I know that you either love him or hate him. I would fall into the former group. So this thread will be more than a little esoteric if you're not a fan. What got me going was a sudden desire to get a "Utility Muffin Research Kitchen" t shirt. Well they don't exist. But what I did find was a...
  20. Imperial One

    Good article over on Hagerty: Chrysler’s nuclear-powered tank was the height of Atomic Age optimism